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Driver one months to maintain 60 to 180, monthly income conservative also can increase by 500 to 1800 yuan. Drivers in this industry earn a monthly income between 4000 and 7000 yuan.

Taxi operators reacted coldly and even objected, with drivers saying they had received notice of the company's use of taxi software as little as possible.

The call platform has been significantly impacted, and now the car can not be called for a few days.

The internet is just as fast as a cheetah seizes every traditional field, and even the firm taxi industry is not spared. Recently, fast, tick tick, such as taxi software is to the thunder of the potential to encroach on the original taxi industry 96900 hotline, the traditional platform suffered a heavy blow. However, in the face of the ferocious attack of this round, taxi industry drivers, consumers but with the operation of the company's attitude polarization: on the one hand, all kinds of taxi software rebate marketing overturned drivers of the income structure, the most crazy to receive a single Wang monthly income doubled; On the other hand, taxi operators complain, not only do not have real income, The amount of complaints received and the labor costs of handling complaints are increasing.

Analysts believe that, although the taxi software temporarily stirred the backwater, but if its follow-up continued to profit problems and the interests of the taxi operators do not resolve, for the taxi industry, this can only become a "dew love."

Minimum one penny for the bill

Just as people thought the tick-tock and fast-burning money war weakened, February 18, the fast announced again from 3 o'clock in the afternoon that day, as long as the use of quick taxi and Alipay payment, every single stand minus 13 yuan, and the implementation of a series of other incentives. On the same day, tick-tock taxis open the "game subsidy" mode: Use tick-tock taxi and micro-letter payment can be randomly received 12 to 20 yuan of the subsidy, 3 times daily.

Two large taxi software of the fierce rush, so many "passers-by turn powder." "Taxi 14 yuan, return now 13 Yuan, just pay 1 yuan!", "the taxi finally unexpectedly a penny pays" ... With the strength of the return, many consumers in micro-blog and friends in the lap of a taxi profit record.

South reporters have experienced many recent experience found that the car to the same distance, a single 21 yuan ride fee for the first time using beep after the 20 yuan, actually only 1 yuan. And the same drive to use the fast payment of 13 yuan, using a quick taxi launched 10 Yuan bill return coupons, but net earn 1 yuan. South All reporter investigation found that the peak of the rapid tick-tock in Guangzhou each of the big crowd has shown on the hundreds service vehicles, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe City and other popular business district office buildings, everywhere people use software to call the car. Engaged in sales of white collar Ms. Li herself statistics, her daily taxi number more than 2 times, call the car software for their own monthly savings of nearly 600 yuan taxi fee, which gives her more than 2000 yuan per month to save more than 30% of the taxi fee.

The driver of the single King doubled the monthly income

Not only consumers, taxi drivers are also shone to take taxi software. As an old master of Guangzhou Oriental Taxi Group, Huanghaiping is known as Guangzhou Taxi software driver to take the first person, the number of broken 400 per month to make it the industry leader. According to Huanghaiping said, by taxi software, the return of its monthly income than the previous increase of more than 30%. By the end of last week, he was only about 400 a month by tick, with a 500-month conservative estimate. According to the current tick five single driver returned to now 5 yuan, after each return is now 10 yuan projection, Huanghaiping February income will increase 4975 yuan. And he originally monthly income between 5000 to 7000 yuan, the off-season even only 4,000 yuan, which means now his monthly income can double.

Not every driver has Huanghaiping such performance, interview, a number of drivers to the south, said the use of taxi software daily orders between 2-6, one months to maintain 60 to 180 alone. Even so, a conservative monthly income can increase by 500 to 1800 yuan. Drivers of this industry in the monthly income between 4000 to 7000 yuan, for them, taxi software rebate is a small amount of income.

The traditional call platform is under attack

According to South reporters statistics, in the first half of 2012 to 2013, taxi software in China presents a trend of crazy growth, the market has coexisted more than 30 kinds of taxi software. The above pattern in Alibaba and Tencent (586, 10.50, 1.82%, real-time quotes) have invested fast and tick after the change, the two sides released data shows that the quick tick-tock respectively won the two giants at least 700 million yuan investment.

Back to the tree good shade, in such a strong financial support, fast, tick-tock market top two. According to Analysys International recently released the "fourth quarter 2013 China Taxi a PP market test report" shows that fast taxi market share climbed to 46.7%, tick-tock taxi occupy 43.6%, both occupy a taxi software 90% of the market share, only in Guangdong have nearly 30,000 of the installation volume.

South all survey learned that, affected by this, Guangzhou original taxi official "96900" call car service is experiencing since the birth of the most severe "winter". "There is no extra charge for the call, but the appointment is too long and the operator usually says to reply within an hour." "Many taxi drivers said to the south, the car can not be called in a few days. "The Guangzhou electric calling platform is obviously impacted, and the taxi software replaces its function to some extent." "The Guangzhou Taxi Association secretary General Wu Honggang said, but some drivers in the driving way excessive attention to call the car service also has the security hidden danger."

In this respect, China Road Transport Association, Vice President and Secretary-General Wang Limei in the media interview that in the future for quite a long period of time, the taxi software and the console should coexist.

Side effects Risk black hole

But as the size of the taxi software market expands, so does the problem. As a result of tick-tock, fast high rebate activities, in order to get more subsidies, drivers and consumers also have a large number of brush single phenomenon. Use the "tick-tock taxi" passengers to use the "quick Taxi" to call a car, the two sides two times to order, so that can get two companies subsidies. In order to curb this phenomenon, the quick, tick-tock, although the increase in anti-cheating efforts, but analysts believe that this loophole is not effective regulation.

In addition, consumer complaints are growing. "Many of the single driver will be the source of attention in the call car services, to the airport, such long-distance call services are usually killed by seconds, short distance call service is difficult to call the car." Fast even in the taxi raiders mentioned not to hit the car add consumption. A person familiar with the situation told reporters that such a negative impact is now constantly spreading online.

Guangzhou Lite Taxi Co., Ltd. the relevant person in charge said that such irregular competition is suspected of disrupting the market order, but also to the offline random car passengers caused inconvenience. Guangzhou Dragon Rental Co., Ltd. the relevant responsible person concerned, the long-term will affect the quality of service industry, so that drivers form the bad habit of picking a taxi. In this respect, long-term attention to public transport industry, Professor Wang, director of Logistics Research Institute of Shenzhen University, also said that taxi software can indeed give drivers a better economic subsidy in the short term, but this is suspected to be unfair competition, the price of the market is lower than the cost of operation to disrupt the market, the whole market pricing rules will be destroyed, This is not a healthy taxi market.

Causing the conflict of taxi operators

South reporters found in the survey, for the taxi software, most of the Guangzhou taxi operating company reacted coldly, even against the attitude, a driver said he had received the company notice to use the taxi software as little as possible.

"In fact, taxi companies are not benefiting from the benefits of taking a taxi software," he said. Not only that, the increasing refusal to hire complaints also increased the labor costs of operating companies. "A person familiar with the taxi industry said to the south that the taxi company's operating income comes from the monthly contributions of each car." According to the current Guangzhou taxi industry standards, a car monthly fixed money between 12,000-14,000 yuan, and the price is monitored by the government, not arbitrarily increase. This means that the number of drivers will not be directly converted to the company's profits, taxi operating performance growth depends on the increase in taxi numbers. As a result, taxi operators are less enthusiastic.

"Two large taxi software can not continue to high subsidies, once the completion of the two sides to the user mobile payment binding, related rebate or will weaken or even disappear." These people said that it is not difficult to speculate that the current high fever market is only a short-lived carnival, lack of momentum for sustained development. Moreover, the core of the taxi operators on the one hand to put more manpower to respond to complaints, on the other hand, but failed to participate in the new profit distribution model, so that taxi software to subvert the traditional taxi industry is also facing a major obstacle.

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