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Often, for most things, opportunities and challenges coexist. Gathered into the same, can become a problem black hole, will also be the opportunity to achieve business. The potential problem is that as we continue to expand the cloud, it also means that more "islands" may be built; the opposite opportunity is to rethink the integration and create a new, more functional integration strategy.

Current integration is more cost-effective than ever, and is also easier to become an example of ROI. But without good planning, integration needs can quickly erode the value of aggregation.

As more and more functional business leaders independently subscribe to traditional It cloud products, the basic "> Business process may be riddled with multiple cloud vendors, The enterprise itself must be integrated and choreographed. In the end, many of the values we mention are lost at the enterprise level. The result is not what we want.

In the face of such a problem, one option is to give a part of the integration work to a third party, or to a cloud Service Broker. In one piece of news, we saw the largest inkjet paper maker in North America, Mohawk, looking at its integrated cloud services, including Ipaas and integrated devices, and ultimately decided not to take the danger.

They will be gathered to outsource to third parties to manage their cloud and local integration, and the third party liaison frees the Mohawk six IT staff and Mohawk the company to integrate its supply chain with 300 customers, 100 suppliers, and external e-business partners. Abandoning strategic, technical issues, so that Mohawk can focus more on adding new external services for their applications.

In fact, the use of cloud service proxies can be implemented for many functions, not just integration, but for the most part. So under what circumstances can we consider using a cloud service agent? There are five main conditions: predictable pricing, ubiquitous network access points, resource pooling and geographic independence, application flexibility, which can be extended on demand, and user access to the service directly. When these conditions are met, cloud service agents may reduce the burden on the enterprise.

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