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An honest, willing to help others webmaster, is respected by peers, and in the industry by others relish. A5 the reason to become webmaster industry leader, this and graph early good, willing to help people inseparable. Although graph has also been said, but he did not depression, the spirit of helping the industry called a good, which also opened the webmaster industry reputation is very large webmaster forum. A5 Network's success and its Web site concept, culture inseparable, lies in its selfless experience to share, in its peer guidance and help, so every day tens of thousands of people "to this visit", learning, exchange and so on.

So is Chinaz. However, and not all of them like A5, Chinaz and so on, the Internet at the moment staged a pure gun tongue arrow of the war of words, for the competition is to press down. Light is the use of the Internet without the smoke of language attacks, the use of illegal means to invade, such cases are not uncommon. From this point of view, it is possible to exclude each other, but it is not necessarily how bright, bring the possibility of others will be denounced and condemned.

Unfortunately, the network seems to be crazy, the lack of responsibility of the webmaster everywhere. Not honest, the most important performance is not to cherish the fruits of other people's work, depending on the theft for take, depending on the achievements of others as has been invented, this behavior is abhorrent. The most outstanding performance in the reproduction of other people's work without leaving others copyright, legally speaking this is a tort. Although everyone is a personal webmaster, even grassroots, to litigate, it seems not on the table. However, learning to respect the achievements of others, sometimes just a little effort, is not necessarily a harm to you. Original article, for any one stationmaster is Hard-won. Able to write a high-quality original, and can be published in A5, Chinaz home page, see the article owner poured into the mind and time, energy.

The reproduction of other people's labor, leaving the owner's copyright, is not only a kind of respect, but also a code of self behavior. Just imagine, if the Internet development to one day, the rest of you only turn me, you copy me to copy the point, the consequences only people suffer. It is no coincidence that such views are known to all. Just as the frontier two days ago in a published an original for the "net earn industry to lure the bureau into the Sea, novice and not so greedy, be related to the online money-making forum or blog reproduced naturally a few, unfortunately can keep my links in fact a few, and even reproduced to other forums, in addition to modify the link address, the other word does not change. I believe that there are a lot of emotions like my resentment to be revealed.

Therefore, this kind of behavior, there is a hole also eat fennel beans self-righteous behavior-This is not for stealing, not to steal, called theft. According to the current point of view, I see it as "shun".

Do an honest webmaster, but also learn to understand each other and help. Everyone can know each other, that is like-minded, in terms of jargon called "mutual chain." Therefore, the website exchanges the link, is not so much is the website and the website voting behavior, rather is the stationmaster and the stationmaster to communicate with each other and the study behavior. Communication and learning, there will inevitably be errors and contrasts, at this time, if you can help give him a hand, it is better. But should never insult, such as site on the other side if the site is down the right, by K, you want to do the first thing to do is to inform each other, and then inform the other side first to remove the link, and so on after the resumption of mutual chain. I believe that any one webmaster is very able to understand.

On the contrary, not a silent to remove the other link, more can not be in the other site completely normal circumstances and remove the other side of the link. If so, is completely a malicious behavior, the lack of a webmaster to test the sense of responsibility.

In addition, do not underestimate the novice webmaster, perhaps in the network industry he is just a beginner, but does not represent his potential and creativity less than you. Early in time to allow, if you can help them, pull them a, there is no harm to you. Even if you are in the future, you will get more in return than you think.

Therefore, do the station to be a person first, not only to be honest, but also to good way. Everyone in the network mix, basically want to use the network to make money, but should not lose the fundamental person. This article original, by the HTTP://WWW.115GIFT.COM115 Gift network to provide, as this article said, reproduced please retain the original. Do stand as a person!

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