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Do technology has been more than 20 years, busy every day, and began to their own career some thinking, time a long, accustomed to, never thought of. A few days ago I met a friend in the office building, he is a well-known it recruitment website to do professional career advisor, chatting, he told me these words, let me suddenly sober a lot, now I decided to give myself so many years of work and thinking mode to make a change, it should not be too late.

Whether you are learning technology in order to find a job or entrepreneurship, you have to have a clear understanding of technology itself, in China is still only to stay in the software technology talent as a talent machine to use the embarrassing situation.

One. Do not think that technology can be traded for a stable life and a high salary, not to think that those engaged in market development, errand people have no future.

China has a sizable part of software companies, their software development teams are pathetic, even just 1-3 people, not even a single project team, but a team that takes on all the software development tasks of a software company, and what's more frightening is the very simple relationships that make you touch With the exception of a limited number of technicians, you can hardly see people who do other jobs and jobs in other industries, and your circle of friends is small and single.

Compared to us, those who are engaged in pre-sales and market development of friends, but there are more than we work outside the time, and even their work sometimes can take care of life, frankly more rich and development opportunities, as long as they are as diligent as we are.

Two. Do not think that if the technology is the strongest, you can become 100% respected people.

If you're lucky enough to be able to hear marketers talk, or talk to leaders, you might think that they're all looking at a technician as a coded machine, and that your value isn't as important as you think. And within your team, you might be working on a technical issue and then messing with coworkers, because he does not obey you, you also defy him, you all think that their right, in fact you two are right, and the purpose of the argument is to prove himself in the key occasions better than the other side of the technology, stronger than the other side. (In a project development, no one is willing to listen to others for a long time, always want to change positions to lead others.) )

Three. Not to think, if I am good enough, I start my own business, I have the capital of entrepreneurship, because I am engaged in technology.

If you think that, it's a big mistake, you can do a survey in the non tech crowd, few people know C # and Java, let alone appreciate whether your technology is good or not. In a word, technology is just a tool to use this tool to work for others, but is often not good at using this tool for their own entrepreneurship, because this is the two concepts, training skills are completely different.

When you start a business, your relationships, your ability to deal with interpersonal relationships, your knowledge of social unspoken rules, and your understanding of other people's hearts, you will not say people like, and your services to provide the planning and marketing, and so on, so many problems are objectively existent.


Technology is just a tool, is your life at a stage to survive the tool, you can love it for a lifetime, but it is best not to live on it for life.

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