To find out the reason of the site's right to be lowered by contrast method and elimination method

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Site is down right, or k this is the most common problem we do webmaster, Baidu's algorithm is changing, so our station will often follow his algorithm change, to make corresponding changes, otherwise it may be down right. Then our site has been lowered, or put in 11 of Baidu, how do we know what is the reason to be down right, we take their own a station, we Hefei Kai every network own station to say.

Our own this station originally Hefei site Construction keywords are generally in the top three Baidu. The worst is in the top five. From the beginning of last month, our station was put into 11 places by Baidu. has been one months, or in Baidu 11, see really let people worried. Later I passed the method of elimination and comparison, and probably found out the following reasons.

1, we from the content to contrast and exclude.

Our own this station content is basically original, before also basically original, of course, there are many are false original. Content Baidu included is more normal. I usually send two articles a day, Baidu is usually about one hours of time included. It's about the same now. So I can rule out that the content of the site is basically not too big a problem.

2, link exclusion and contrast.

Our station basically has little friendship. We do friendship also follow an original is Ningquewulan. So our website friendship although not many, but overall quality is still OK. We also looked at each other's friendship links to each other's site is more normal. So from these two aspects, we can also consider the reasons may not be links.

3, the structure of the site itself.

The above two points can be ruled out I can probably think that the structure of the site is a bit of a problem, one day I saw a webmaster friend wrote a website about the link inside the article. Each of our previous articles may be linked to the site keyword, and then let him point to the homepage of our own site. May be the recent changes in Baidu algorithm, the role of internal links is not too obvious, there may be Baidu think our wind station optimization is a bit too much, so put our site temporarily in 11 places.

Through the above analysis, I can probably be sure that our site is the site content of the article structure this piece of the problem, so we are also in time to change. Let it feel that we are not deliberately optimized. In short, we think that the site was Baidu down the right, as a qualified webmaster must not panic. Find out why. If you can't find it, you can compare it to the previous. See what you did wrong. Find out the reasons for this by comparing and excluding them. And then change in time I believe a lot of your site will be restored. Although our own site is still in Baidu 11, but I believe that through my changes will soon recover. Finally also hope that webmaster friends and we more exchanges. My qq:740367106

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