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Many friends do the website, especially hope that people all know their own site. It's funny how few people around him know. Haha, a house does not sweep, why sweep the world! Do you have 200 colleagues? Do you have 200 classmates (now and before)? Do you have 50 neighbors, from elementary school to college? Do you have 50 relatives (now and before)? Do you have 200 net friends? (often connected)

They are huge treasures around you, and if you have a way to let them know your site first, know your site, like your site, that can open a good head, to know if they really think your site is very good, people have to share the instinct, they will talk with their people around, do not underestimate the power of Word-of-mouth legend! Ancient people do not have a telephone or internet, but the same can be known as people, is relying on Word-of-mouth legend. Forgive me, webmaster friends should not be "flow bubble" blinded by the network everywhere there are selling traffic, useful? Isn't that a lie? What you want is real popularity, you want True gold and silver!

If someone around you, there is a person who is not optimistic about your site, perhaps this is just an accident, if there are 100 people, are not optimistic about your site, this is no coincidence. Ask more why? Solicit their opinions, after all, your site is not for yourself to see, we say good only shouting!

We all envy Alibaba, to know that when they first started, 90% is under the promotion online, is to promote online, Alibaba is only one of their products, is a service, we should go to the crowd, detailed explanation of our services, detailed analysis of our products, daily increase of 10 pay members, 3,600 paid members a year down. Is it slow? I believe a lot of people's websites don't even pay 100 a year.

Selling the net, but also a good reputation by word of mouth to start the site. Good things do not fear slow, when the applause of people to a certain extent, will produce fission. For example, 1000 people especially like your site, they inadvertently to the people around you to talk about your site, will soon fission into 2000 people, so fission, 35 to make a good site, it is worth it!

Do the network most taboo impetuous, many routines seem slow but actually fast, of course, there are a lot of routines, seemingly fast actually slow! friends, the infinite treasure waiting for us to develop, please first from the side of the treasure to start!

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