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Today, I would like to share with you some of my website planning and travel website promotion experience and experience during the operation of the travel website. Website pre-planning and development, for example take our tour around the travel network to analyze it:

1, Before doing this travel around the travel network, we must first of all the surrounding tourism in Beijing often the status quo and future development space to do a survey.

2, we analyzed the consumer groups, the structure and the regional distribution of consumers and so on.

3, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of our competitors and industry excellent website, learn from each other.

Website promotion methods

1, content construction is very important, any site is "content is king", just by copying the content of others is certainly not work. At the same time, we must know clearly what kind of information customers are interested in and what kind of information can guide consumer behavior. These experiences require our long-term accumulation.

2, the operation of this one I think the most important method is joint operation of co-marketing activities, we all know that for a new website to be accepted by the user takes time, then we can leveraging marketing, with some other sites or with some Now hot news and figures to carry out publicity and promotion, but this piece is not easy to do well.

3, online promotion This includes SEO and paid promotion, I personally think that travel sites must be done in the promotion of precision marketing, be efficient.

On the operation of tourism sites and other issues Today, here, I welcome the exchange and discussion of the development of tourism sites and new ideas, I hope everyone concerned about the tour around the travel network.

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