TPS Games "H.A.V.E Online" staged the war between the hands

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December 24, the latest news, "H.A.V.E Online" is a lovely wind of the third person shooter game, the end of November this year in South Korea launched the first preparation of the beta. Bring players into the game today and experience this interesting third-person shooter (TPS). Speaking of "H.A.V.E Online", although using the third-person perspective, but the other first-person perspective of the shooting game mode is not much different.  The main character design is more characteristic, players can choose according to their preferences in accordance with their characteristics of the role profile.  "H.A.V.E Online" play to make people feel is "hand-run War", the game set up "role of death = hand-run destruction", like to play FPS players can get the same fun as other shooting games. Visual effects permeate the so-called "Western style." I wonder if players are looking for a North American comic. And the description of the characters are more realistic, action expression is very lifelike.  Special visual technology allows players to experience the same wonderful feeling as Alice in Wonderland.  "H.A.V.E Online" also has a very fast-paced side, especially it does not have a very difficult complex system, good to start, so the player in the big map combat speed, rhythm will be very fast. One of the highlights of the game is the rotation of the weapon, the player to use different weapons according to different opponents.  The strategy of the game deployment will be more reference to individual play, the player's initiative. "H.A.V.E Online" in the preparation of the beta, the player can experience near-body warfare, personal warfare, team warfare, such as five game modes. Fps/tps in the basic game mode in the "H.A.V.E Online" will also be retained.  In this test, players can buy a variety of equipment in the store, suits to increase the personalized effect, but some will be more expensive. The game has been exported to the North American market and will soon be tested in Japan. (Digging the shell net)

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