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Trend technology as the global Internet Content Security Service industry leader brand, from the inception of the first is the globalization route, its headquarters in Tokyo, has been for many Japanese large electronic enterprises to provide services. Among them, the world's top 500 companies in Japan Matsushita Electric Industry Co., Ltd. more than 10 years has been with the trend of science and technology has formed a very wide range of in-depth information security cooperative relations.  At present, including 4 research and development centers, Panasonic investment in China to establish 60 joint ventures, wholly-owned enterprises are using trend technology provided by the server, mail systems and terminal threat of a full range of security solutions. The key to preventing the spread of virus is server antivirus for large manufacturing enterprises such as Panasonic, IT system applications are indispensable in a series of links from parts production to assembly, sales and customer service.  Panasonic deployed in many regions of the world have repeatedly encountered a large number of network virus attacks, but through the long-term cooperation with trend technology, has not been a major network security incidents. Matsushita Electric in North China, a joint venture subsidiary is an important component production base, its PC client and server number reached 500 units and 30 units of scale. The head of the company's information division said: "We have been using trend-tech terminal anti-virus products since 1999, and their performance and effectiveness are very satisfactory." In shock waves, shock wave, panda incense These viruses wantonly attack many enterprise's network system, the trend of science and technology OfficeScan fully embodies its excellent protection capability. The leaders also said that after the company's network was upgraded to Microsoft's latest Active Directory technology, the choice of security protection for file and mail servers became an important task.  As the core of network information sharing and cross access, if these servers encounter a virus attack, the whole network will occur; If a document, database, e-mail, or other important data item does not have the most recent or available backup, you may face loss. "Now that a lot of viruses are coming from mail, Exchange server virus defense is becoming more and more important, accidentally, a user's virus mail may spread to the entire system."  The person in charge said that the company's engineers had tried some anti-virus software, but they were unable to provide security protection specifically for Exchange server. Server antivirus full and OfficeScan integration as Panasonic in the global tens of thousands of workstations deployed OfficeScan are excellent, the company chose to match the trend of technology server version of the anti-virus wall serverprotect.  Panasonic's IT department has phased in the Windows Server version of the antivirus wall Serverprotect, and through the SP three-tier architecture to strengthen the entire business network security early warning function, the successful implementation of a unified security level of comprehensive management. In addition, the trend of science and technology Serverprotect is also a good solution to the central processing Unit, memory, networkThe problem of resource impact. Because a large number of antivirus code can be saved on a cloud server, installing the Serverprotect server simply downloads minimal control information to reach the latest antivirus level.  Now through the integration with the OfficeScan, the system can scan the internal network of loopholes, to ensure the integrity of the protection system, from the technical level greatly enhance the efficiency of IT staff. Cloud Security 3.0 to meet the needs of large data concentration as an international manufacturing enterprise, Matsushita Electric in the information construction represents a certain trend of manufacturing informatization. From ERP to SCM, to CRM, and OA system, general enterprise in the information construction needs of the system, in the manufacturing industry can see.  Many subsidiaries, the business system "wide and full" characteristics, urging Panasonic's it construction towards a new generation of data centers, virtualization and cloud computing direction of rapid development. According to Matsushita Electric related person: "Panasonic will build a cloud-based collaborative office network platform, employees can use the platform for new services, more efficient with customers from all over the world, partners and suppliers to carry out communication and collaboration." For the network security problem, the next phase of Panasonic's plan is to ' cloud ' and virtualization security protection. Panasonic is very concerned about the trend technology proposed by Cloud Security 3.0, as well as product technology upgrades for web threats. "Trend Technology Cloud Security 3.0 solution, in essence, from the simple use of cloud technology to protect the Internet security to the" cloud itself to secure the transition, improve the security performance of the cloud. At present, trend technology in the world has 300 million users, 30% of the world's 500 companies are using trend technology products, 80% of Wall Street financial institutions are trend technology long-term users. Trend technology will continue to develop new security products and strategic solutions as well as leading global cloud security solutions, with a unique service concept to the industry to prove its forward-looking and leadership position. Wang
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