"Trends": Interpreting the life cycle of large data technologies

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The big data is still being http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/18826.html by people "> redefine the stage, and now has a hype cycle technology life cycle of its own. Gartner recently released its first report specifically on big data topics, the 2012 Big Data Hype Cycle (Hype Cycle for Large, 2012).

The Hype cycle Technology lifecycle is a tool that companies use to assess the visibility of new technologies, using the timeline and the visibility of the marketplace (media exposure) to decide whether to adopt new technologies. Its definition is not very well understood, and the report contains more than 47 large data technologies and terminology, data scientists, cloud-based grid computing, predictive analysis, and open government data. Gartner's hype cycle category is littered with these technologies, documenting the process of large data from hype to maturity and into the mainstream.

Hung Lehong, vice president of Gartner Research, said at a recent webinar that "Big data is not a single technology but a concept and a technology." ”

This set of technologies comes together at an early stage of the life cycle and becomes increasingly complex. Business analysts want to get more insights from the data, and vendors want to incorporate "Big data solutions" into more products. As can be seen from the report, Gartner decided this year to record this phenomenon in words. Today, companies have the ability to use Low-cost servers, open source technology, and cloud computing to carry out large data experiments with little overhead.

Although hype cycle reports are often more graphically represented, the report is supplemented with more textual content, each of which is analyzed in one to two pages.

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