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Absrtact: Today, you can miss countless gossip jokes, but you can't miss the following electric business news: Ukrainian post calls to stop the Crimea delivery of cross-border electricity dealers in Ukraine notice that the Ukrainian post office has suspended delivery to Crimea and Ceiba

Today, you can miss countless gossip jokes, but you can't miss the following electric business news:

Ukrainian post calls to stop Crimean delivery

The Ukrainian post office has suspended the delivery of mail to Crimea and Sevastopol by the international postal Service of Ukraine and is not sure when it will resume delivery. Due to the impact of the war, several logistics and transport channels in Uzbekistan have been seriously hampered, which will seriously affect China's cross-border electricity business enterprises in Ukraine order distribution.

Ali announced O2O into the process of large-scale absorption of brand-name business

April 10, Alibaba announced the O2O brand business online application process, will integrate PC Internet and wireless resources, through wireless technology and large data products to provide the enterprise with a full range of solutions. At the same time, Alibaba O2O also help the traditional retail business to achieve electronic commerce, it is recommended that all businesses are connected to pay, especially strategic cooperation business must get through payment.

Suning Edition "through Train" start price 0.01 yuan

In order to improve the marketing system, on the one hand, suning easy to buy online pay-per-click marketing Tools "Business Pass", business through the CPC model, merchants through the auction ranking method to get the Category List page and search results page ads, The start price is 0.01 yuan; on the other hand, suning easy to buy synchronous launch of the picture advertising platform "Poly", to the CPT payment method, in Suning easy to buy focus map, pre-sale, floor advertising and other locations recommended goods and shops.

Large business shares stimulated by electric dealers to transform all channel retailers

Big business shares announced the 2013 annual report, the company's operating results to achieve growth, the annual operating income of 33.747 billion yuan, an increase of 5.93%, net profit of 1.179 billion yuan, growth of 20.66%; , will expand the scale, the merger and reorganization, vigorously develop the electric business, to the whole channel retailer forward.

Trimebutine Electric Shang will close home electrical business prospects Unknown

Recently, there is news that the 4-year operation of the melody of the United States under the brand "melody" will be closed, plans to introduce new brand substitution; electric business is the opportunity for enterprises to reshape their brands, manufacturing companies have manufacturing experience and strong capital, investment in emerging brands, the use of production experience to rebuild new brands, seems to be a more sensible choice, but all this for home electrical business , a lot of difficulties.

Diamond Bird: Offline single shop output is 5 times times as traditional jewelry store

Diamond birds say the future will be more to the traditional jewelry brand, onto the "slow lane." The main reason is to take care of the purchase intention of consumers, more than 90% of users like to go shopping malls, stores to buy jewelry. At present, the Diamond bird in the national Common Line shop about 12, an experience shop single shop output is usually the traditional jewelry store five to six times times, or even higher.

Pay treasure Sweep code taxi return now by the driver to cheat subsidy

Alipay to compete for the user market, for non-taxi software users launched a sweeping code payment incentives, since March this year, passengers to sweep the code to pay, can be returned to 13 yuan, 2 per day, drivers can also receive a single 10 Yuan reward, 5 per day, at present, the passengers to pay the return of the payment can now be reduced to 5 yuan per order, 2 single daily. However, the policy was taken advantage of by taxi drivers, encouraging the use of tick-tock passengers scan to pay the treasure two-dimensional code, "get" Alipay subsidy.

Europe's Cross-border electricity dealers growth will reach 21% Germany

Wei, general manager of Belgium post China, has pointed out that European countries have distinct market characteristics, strong stability, and China's potential for cross-border electric power to Europe is huge. In 13, the average growth rate of electricity business in major European countries and regions reached 17%, Germany rose 33%, followed by Russia 28%, Eastern Europe 22%, meanwhile, the development of European Cross-border electricity quotient is far higher than average speed, can reach 21%, is an unprecedented opportunity for Chinese foreign trade trader.

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