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After five easy drafts of the pain, the three network integration pilot program will usher in a solution. Yesterday, the source revealed that the morning of June 6, the National Three Network integration Coordination Group meeting Lightning passed the pilot program, the relevant documents will be officially announced, the pilot city trials will also be the starting gun. It is reported that the program requirements around the 18th this month to report the pilot application, this month 25th approved the commencement of implementation.  Triple-Net fusion will truly usher in the moment of broken cocoon. New program: Radio and television is the biggest winner this is called "Three Nets integration pilot work program" before and after five rounds of revision, and the final decision of the program for radio and television most beneficial.  People familiar with the matter said the final plan will be responsible for IPTV (network TV) integrated broadcasting and Control platform construction management, including EPG billing management, through the wired network to carry out complete Internet access, data transmission and IP telephony services. Although the final document has not yet been disclosed, the dispute over the broadcasting power is indeed the fiercest in the five rounds of the two departments.  Ministry of information to seek some content integrated broadcast control rights, but radio and television heels. It is understood that the Ministry of Industry initially proposed that telecommunications enterprises can use the local area network and the Internet to the television terminal users to collect, transmit audio-visual programs and audio-visual program content, and responsible for the user's business operations and services, can also be all kinds of audio-visual programs transmitted to mobile terminals. But radio and television resolutely refused to believe that the responsibility of telecommunications is the technology "mouthpiece."  In the subsequent revisions of the program, the Ministry of China still requires the corresponding authority, but radio and television special annotation said, IPTV and mobile TV integrated broadcast control power still by radio and television master. "Integrated broadcast control is not possible for telecommunications. A source close to Sarft said. In his view, what Telecom wants to get is the right to operate the business, such as the hottest IPTV.  Before the radio and television firmly control the licensing authority, only to a few direct enterprises to open the green light, telecom operators can only through the cooperation curve intervention. Finally still rely on high-level decision "did not expect so quickly, it seems that the government level to promote the integration of the three networks is very strong." Said one industry insider.  Previously, radio and television and telecommunications diverging, repeatedly debated, inextricably, the industry are guessing the program may appear sixth draft, seventh draft, or even the nth draft, did not think the decision-making level is "the Gordian Knot." This March, Li Yizhong, the Ministry of the Treasury, said optimistically that the plan would be approved by May. Even in late May, he locked his schedule in May. To the surprise of the people, after entering June, the pilot program has not been released.  The fourth draft of the programme, which was submitted on May 28, was again called back, and the plan for June 1 was finally released, but the industry generally thought that it would be difficult to travel in the short term.  Before the industry told reporters, in the face of disputes, the Ministry of Public Administration and SARFT has brought the government high-level to resolve the dispute, the final may need to the State Council three network integration leading group.  The first pilot cities include Chongqing? Although the selection of the pilot cities has not yet been announced, first-tier cities are actively trying to get into the list. On a pilot list circulated in the industry in the previous period, there are 10 cities are very promising, the eastern developed cities have Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, the southern cities have Shenzhen, the northeast city has Harbin and Shenyang, the West city has Chongqing, central China City has Wuhan and Changsha, north China City has Shanxi Xinzhou, the overall layout covers all regions of the country. Experts say that the reason for local governments to be positive is that triple-net integration will bring new industrial space. According to the Beijing Morning News
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