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Business News (reporter Wu Chenguang) recently, "Turn things" net new version of the online, this will lead to the transformation of the electrical business to service. Discovering the hidden value behind commodity trading is the most urgent matter for the electric trader, such as the trading experience, after-sale service and usage experience derived from the purchase behavior. There are already businesses began to expand the field of business, nearly half a year to the emergence of the "turn things" site is one of them.  As a third-party platform that does not offer sales services, its shopping experience and capture-style merchandising are clearly more persuasive. It is reported that "turn things" at present with more than 800 network mall has established a different degree of cooperation, in its shopping search engine can fully cover the goods of these merchants, to provide consumers with more choice of space; at the same time, "turn things" can also replace the consumer of Business credit evaluation and credit filtering, Further safeguard the shopping safety.
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