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Liu Champion (also known as Heng): Famous writers, writers, the main works include the novel "Fuxi Fu Fu" (adapted for the film "Ju Dou" and as a screenwriter), "Tears Lawsuit" (adapted for the film and as a screenwriter), the film "Assembly Number" (as the writer), "Cang River Daydream" (adapted for the TV series "China Past")  Shing: Known as the mainland "the first writer", the TV series "Iron Teeth Copper Teeth ji Xiaolan", "Kangxi Incognito" and the film "Thousands of miles to go solo" from his hand. If you want to set a concept, then in Huayi Brothers is called a-share market "film first", today's IPO online distribution of the Chinese film and television can be called "television first", the two are about to gather the gem.  Shing, who is called "the first writer of the mainland", "Assembly Number", "tears lawsuit" and other film and television works of the screenwriter Liu Guanjun (Liu Heng) for February 2009 "Friendship Price" shares, only to China policy film today 68 yuan price calculation, the two writers of the personal wallet will receive 14.4 million yuan of "gift". Huayi Brothers focus on Feng Xiaogang as the main film market, China strategy film and television is mainly the TV market. The former hit the "star Card", which gathered a group of stars of the broker, the recent repeated outgoing big-name star Job-hopping, leaving the news, and caused the star to terminate whether the need for information disclosure controversy.  The latter do not have star brokers about, playing is "production card", holding the hand is the script of the gold medal writers about the production of TV dramas, including the Huayi brothers once collaborators. The original transfer price of 3.4 yuan/unit February 18, 2009, the actual control of China Fumai will be part of their own personal holdings transferred to Liu Guanjun (also known as Liu Heng), Shing, the transfer price of 3.4 yuan per share. In August of that year, Zhejiang Business Ventures, Shanghai six-wo investment to increase the cost of a stake in the price soared to 8.03 yuan/share, in accordance with the 2008 performance, the P/E ratio has been 9 times times. In contrast, Fumai to Liu Guanjun and Shing is definitely "friendship price", because these two are the most popular gold writers.  They are fortunate enough to lower the price of a stake in the additional conditions is that the two signed as China Policy film and television business master plan, the total producer, for the two-bit creative projects, under the same conditions Hua policy has a priority to invest in the right to shoot. In addition, "plot", "Wind" author and screenwriter McCallister family, "iron teeth copper Teeth Ji Xiaolan" The third and fourth part of the screenwriter Wang Hailin, and the Chinese film has a script about it, "the world is the vicissitudes of life", "Ming Dynasty 1566", "China Past" director Zhang Li, had cut out "Hanvuda", "The World Without Thieves", "the Banquet "and other popular blockbuster" Gold clip Hand "Liu Miao Miao, and China policy has made about.  The terms of the above-mentioned Masters and China policy were all up to the end of 2012, but none of them had a stake. 20 months of shares turned 20 times times 20 months later, Liu Champion and Shing 3.4 yuan into 68 yuan, just turned 20 times times. Today, China policy film official online distribution, the issue price per share as high as 68 yuan, 2009 years of net profit divided by hairAfter the total share capital calculation, the issuance of a price-earnings ratio of 85.43 times times, in accordance with the issue of 5.7 yuan per share of net assets, the issuance of the market net rate reached 11.93 times times. Liu Champion and Shing each hold 211,824 shares, the issue of the Commission's "golden Finger" point, only according to the price of the calculation, so that each person's purse is instantaneous bulge 14.4 million yuan.  Moreover, they have only one year of restricted stock and are not executives, which means they will be able to cash in after a year. Boss holding a three-year period of sales of China strategy film and television boss Fumai, Zhai Fang couples can also be washed up on the rich list, Fumai in the name of individual shares 20,150,784 shares, its holding 89.46% of the grand Strategy investment shareholding 14.4 million shares, After the conversion Fumai actual control of 33.033 million shares, according to the price of the market value as high as 2.246 billion yuan.  However, due to three years of restricted selling period, within three years is still a wealth of paper.  The listing of China's TV studios has led to soaring prices for the behind-the-scenes producers because of the relatively easy registration of film and entertainment companies, entry threshold is not high, under this model effect, the future entertainment circle stars and producers are expected to change their shares, the situation will gradually increase, more celebrities will jump from the entertainment circle into the economic circle. Ding Yanfang
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