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January 1, 2011, CCTV launched a new professional channel--cctv-9 record channel. This is a no advertising, no host, no studio channel, CCTV record channel to have received a number of Emmy Awards film "Beautiful China" as the first of the channel broadcast, and this documentary also reflects the channel "through documentaries to shape the image of the country" concept.  In many entertainment, variety show more and more colorful, TV series "Spy Wind" strong contrast, record channel quietly blooming. Now more than 40 people "manufacturing" ratings on the rise of the record channel broadcast on the day, the audience reached 20 million people, the premiere of the day to reach the news channel to broadcast the Day five times times, but also music, children's first debut Channel 10 times times.  By February this year, the audience had broken 200 million. The main contents of the record channel include nature Exploration, history humanities, social record, document archives four kinds, according to the international documentary Channel Way, dilute the column concept, strengthen the big time arrangement. Broadcasting to date, the record channel broadcast "When the Louvre encountered the Forbidden City" "Jade Legend" "Hidden Front" and other types of documentaries, won praise inside and outside the industry. Chilean documentary director Guzman once said: "A country without documentaries, like a family without albums." "The rise of CCTV's record channel is also seen as the essential return of television media in the experience of entertainment to death." "At present, the record channel production team is only more than 40 people, the first line choreographer only more than 10 people."  But CCTV record channel director Liu said, can say that CCTV's best documentary team formed a record channel core management and creative team, which brings together the "Imperial Palace" "and the Yangtze River," "The Rise of Great Powers," "The Summer Palace" and many other CCTV outstanding documentary backbone strength.  The past was forced to "give way" entertainment documentaries for a channel, and even a television station brought social reputation is unmatched by other types of programs, and the impact of large-scale TV competition, in addition to news, is documentary. In the 80 's, CCTV had filmed the "Silk Road", "the Yangtze River" "Wang Great Wall" and other human geography documentary, at that time, no one does not cause concern, the formation of social public topics or events. Into the 21st century, the ratings began to be the major television stations to measure the significant even the only standard of television. Under pressure, television stations have been throwing prime time into entertainment, variety shows and TV dramas. For economic benefits, many television stations have dissolved the documentary department. At the same time, this period is also the golden period of TV column development, producer system has just arisen, many excellent documentary director also turned into a column producer.  The TV station has no time, the creator "career Change", invests the fund to be few, the documentary film also falls into the low cost, the low price, the low sale's vicious circle. The opportunity to break this situation appeared in October 2005, CCTV set a broadcast of the documentary "Palace". There is a saying that the "imperial Palace" ratings and TV program ratings champion "Beijing Smoke" flat, which is like a strong heart needle, for the depressed documentary film Market injectedHope。  Then, the following year, "The New Silk Road" "The Yangtze River," "The Rise of great powers" in the screen hit, and sparked a discussion of social topics, the CCTV invested heavily in the documentary film also quickly recovered the cost.  The future record Channel "Aim" the first half of the premiere of the high-end customer record channel is not advertising arrangements, starting from the second half of the year will be advertising in, Liu Hope to "crown" "special broadcast" and other ways and advertisers, and not occupy too much of the program time. The establishment of CCTV record channel not only makes TV industry pay more attention to the value of documentary, but also makes the whole industry face the opportunity of development. For Liu, the record channel is not just a "communication platform" role. "We also hope to promote the development of documentary industry by recording channels, and produce a large number of high-quality documentaries."  "Liu said, because the record channel to implement the innovation mechanism of the separation of broadcasting, the first year premiere 4 hours a day, and broadcast content to buy more than 50%, which makes the record channel suddenly become the entire documentary industry large buyers, to promote the development of Chinese documentary industry has provided a great possibility. Liu that the cause of the previous domestic documentary industry embarrassing situation is the lack of mature market. And now, record channels to fill the gap in the market, and its soaring ratings since the launch of the industry to see the potential of documentary development.  Liu's goal is that in three years, the record channel can make ends meet, that is, a yearly income of 300 million. It's not a dream. At present, the record channel advertising prospects are good, have been approached are high quality, influential high-end advertisers, "in fact, like CCTV 2 sets of financial channels, the ratings in the CCTV inside not to the front, but the advertising revenue is ranked second, because the channel's influence is big."  "Liu's personal ambition is to have the record channel stand up and earn money," he said. Make a thought to discover more record power according to CCTV record channel Project operations director Chen introduced, since the record channel began to send his copy of documentary enthusiasts countless. "A college teacher has been filming deaf children's lives, the content is good." In fact, the most need for documentary film is not professional skills, but the understanding of the world. "In the future, the record channel will explore other modes of cooperation." According to international practice, the largest financial support for documentary is not television stations, but various types of funds, public welfare organizations. Chen said that Discovery's World War II themes almost all have funds to support the foundation, as long as the investment reached 1/3, the director can start to do the film, in the process of filming and then constantly seek buyers. A good documentary will bring the "win more" situation.  And the record channel in the future to do is the production of information and production team gathered place and platform. The development of youth viewers record channel in the future, will focus on the development of youth audience market. In their research, Liu says, there are a lot of children and old people watching the show on the record channel. For the record channel, students-oriented youngsters are actually a large number of potential viewersGroup。 Liu says they want to do some documentary about children. "For example, a Tibetan lama, how he lived, what the world he saw." He is the core of the story, his eyes of the adult world what it is like, he and the teacher family how to communicate, see the parents quarrel, what kind of way to deal with. This is actually very interesting, including like a migrant worker in the city, or a child of the hope project, or even a second generation of children, to see the child's environment and the relationship around him. "A narrow view of the field of attention to see the" Animal world "grew up in the generation, the wild animals and other natural documentaries have a deep impression, and currently in the domestic this piece appears slightly pale. Liu said that the foreign director of this area are experts, such as shooting a lion, director of their own before the lion for many years. "We are going through the books to shoot." The view is narrow, the attention point is relatively small, the social class is also. "Liu, for example, is a foreign social-subject documentary about one of the finest wigs sold in the French market, traced to a village in India. There is a tradition in which girls have long hair and cut them when they are teenagers, and the hair is acquired by French wig dealers. Because the local remote, no pollution, so the girl hair is particularly good.  The whole film is about how India's rural hair has moved to France, and the focus is unique, interesting and appealing. Newspaper reporter Liu
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