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The purpose of this article: To quickly complete the system initialization configuration for users who have successfully installed http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13835.html ">ubuntu Linux 8.10 operating system."
System requirements: Users are required to ensure that the operating system is connected to the Internet. All packages mentioned in the Guide, software source updates require network support.
Software involved: The guide will use the following tools to configure the system

GNOME Terminal: The following is called the terminal, click "Application (creator)/attachment/terminal" to open. Note: The graphical interface program closes with the terminal closed. Synaptic (New) Package Manager: The following is called the new, click System/System Management (adiminstration)/new software Package Manager (Synaptic) to open. APT tools: Command line tools for system updates, software Installation/deletion, use in terminals. sudo tool: Command line tool, used in a terminal, for immediate elevation of user rights. Text Editor (gedit): Click application/Attachment/Text editor to open. The input gedit command can also be opened. Gksu Tool: Graphical instant user Privilege Promotion tool, keyboard shortcuts alt+f2 The call Out Run dialog box, enter Gksu to open the Gksu tool. Ubuntu tweak tool: The homemade Ubuntu utility Configuration tool, which is equivalent to the optimization master under Ubuntu. This article is used to configure third-party sources and utilities. After you install this software, you can click application/System Tools/ubuntu Tweak to open it.

This article applies: Ubuntu 8.10 (i386).

1. Make sure your system is connected to the Internet.
2. Backup Source list

Click the Open button in the text editor to open the file system/etc/apt/sources.list, and click the file/save as (Save As) ... "Save to the home directory." Or in the terminal paste the following command, a key to complete cp/etc/apt/sources.list ~

3. Configure the official software source

1. Click system/System Management (Administration)/software source (Software Sources), enter the user password and click the "OK" button. Enter the Software Sources dialog box.
2. Click the list box to the right of "Download from" and select "Other ..." Enter the Choose a Download Server dialog box as shown in the figure. Pull the left scroll bar, select any of the servers under "Choose Server" button, and then click Close.

Software Sources dialog box

Choose a Download Server dialog box

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