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As we all know, after the Prism incident, all countries attach more importance to information security. Our country has taken many measures in various fields, from the bottom of the chip, to the operating system of the computer all strive to independent research and development. Now a high voice, such as unicorn operating system, deep Linux operating system and so on. Most of them are based on the Ubuntu operating system derived from, I would like to use my Ubuntu desktop experience and share with everyone. This will be a series of Ubuntu operating systems as your office, entertainment experience to share. Today, I first to share the Ubuntu system to download.

Use Windows friends, surely downloaded on the Internet a lot of Windows series systems, such as WindowsXP, Windows7, Windows8, the latest Windows10 and so on. Because the system of Windows is a fee, therefore, all kinds of cracked version of the Internet, all kinds of Ghost, you are not sure whether to join what Trojans or backdoors.

Therefore, I suggest that you download any software, have to go to the official website to download.

Ubuntu is completely open source free.

So, what is the download address of our Ubuntu official website? Open Baidu search.

We have to search through Baidu, enter Ubuntu Enter can. We choose the first one.

We enter the official website, because of regional relations, the official website is directly Ubuntu derivative version of Ubuntu unicorn's home page. And I share with you Ubuntu original system, so we click on the top right corner of the "Global Home" to enter.

click to download. entering download page.

Click on the page again to get Ubuntu, enter the version selection page. We see this page in the latest Ubuntu is the 14.10 version. The latest desktop operating system should be version 15.04, so we do not download from here.

We click "Ubuntu" in the upper left corner.

Then click on "Global homepage."

Click "Download".

Click on "Ubuntu Desktop."

Select the latest 15.04, the best choice 64bit, and then click "Download".

Then go to the Contribute page and drag it below to find "Not now, take me to the download" and click.

The interface will pop-up download prompt box.

Of course, I am currently operating under Ubuntu, we operate under Windows, you can choose to download Thunder and other tools to download.

About 1.1G or so, Ubuntu operating system download, save, follow-up we will come slowly with you.

If you encounter any problems in the download process, you can leave a message below me.

End of sharing today. Thank you.

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