Ubuntu Mysql 5.0 installation, configuration and testing

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Under the breezy test, the dapper version already contains the Mysql5.0, and in the main source, if you choose to install the lamp system when installing Ubuntu, it will be automatically installed

Download MySQL 5.0 source (needless to say)

wget http://dev.mysql.com/get/Downloads/MySQL-5.0/mysql-5.0.16.tar.gz/from/http://mysql.localhost.net.ar/
Tar xzvf mysql-5.0.16.tar.gz
CD mysql-5.0.16/

Install the necessary packages

sudo apt install build-essential

Installing the Development Library

If you're not sure which one is really needed, install these.

sudo apt install libncurses5 libncurses5-dev

Disturbed these packages will not be able to compile the MySQL server

Creating Users and workgroups

sudo groupadd MySQL
sudo useradd-g mysql MySQL

Optimizing compilation

Compile can be used for different types of CPU parameter settings to improve database system performance, parameter settings by modifying Chost, Cflags, cxxflags to achieve, if you do not know your own CPU model, you can choose X86 General settings

Attachment:iconspage/iconwarning3.png the compilation of parameter settings for some special CPUs is not tested and if it is written successfully, it will be OK. If not, please use the following three methods.

Fast Dragon-tbird XP (AMD)

Export chost= "I686-pc-linux-gnu"
Export cflags= "-march=athlon-xp-o3-pipe-fomit-frame-pointer-msse-mmmx-mfpmath=sse"
Export cxxflags= "-march=athlon-xp-o3-pipe-fomit-frame-pointer-msse-mmmx-mfpmath=sse-felide-constructors- Fno-exceptions-fno-rtti "
Export CXX=GCC

Pentium 4 (Intel)

Export chost= "I686-pc-linux-gnu"
Export cflags= "-march=pentium4-mcpu=pentium4-o3-pipe-fomit-frame-pointer-msse-mmmx-mfpmath=sse"
Export cxxflags= "-march=pentium4-mcpu=pentium4-o3-pipe-fomit-frame-pointer-msse-mmmx-mfpmath=sse- Felide-constructors-fno-exceptions-fno-rtti "
Export CXX=GCC

General (X86)

Export chost= "I686-pc-linux-gnu"
Export cflags= "-mcpu=i686-march=i686-o3-pipe-fomit-frame-pointer"
Export CXX=GCC

If you want to do some debugging, you can omit the-fomit-frame-pointer parameter, if not, leave it there because it will allow MySQL to run faster

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