UC Yu: Mobile search has much more room for imagination than PC search

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Absrtact: Entrepreneur is never rational, this is Yu today in the Gmic Congress mentioned a word, so in a limited time, Yongfu spent a lot of space in the recent God Horse vs Baidu Melee situation, such as all kinds of under the frame, all about the Battle of the Robots Agreement

Entrepreneurs are never rational, this is Yu today in the Gmic Congress mentioned a word, so in a limited time, Yongfu spent a lot of space in the recent "God Horse vs Baidu" melee situation, such as all kinds of the next frame, all kinds of disputes about the robots agreement ...

The general meaning is: The advantage of the PC Internet era, will become the baggage of the mobile internet age, now Baidu's attitude to God horse, and the original 360 of the attitude of Baidu what difference ...

1 based on the data shared by Yongfu: Now UC browser in China more than 50% active, overseas users more than 100 million; last year, the target of 300 million with partners was completed, and next year (2015) will be no less than 1.5 billion.

2) Just online "God horse Search", the current penetration rate has exceeded 20%, has covered 100 million of users, ranked second in the market; and this is not all the UC browser user's default browser to replace the god horse, if all UC Browser user's default search engine all replaced by God horse, Will be a huge surprise.

More coincidentally, Wang Xiaoquan said on Weibo almost at the same time, "multi-party data show that, within a week, UC followed the three-stage rocket mode, through the browser to drive God horse search, access to nearly 5% of mobile web search share, more than negligible share of the 360 wireless search, ranked Baidu, Sogou after the third place. Mobile search has more space for imagination than PC search, and UC is welcome to join. ”

3 Mobile Search is a new track, for God horse there are still many opportunities, such as industry imbalance, the content of the creators of the economic benefits are very low, now the mobile search engine is considering how to move the advantages of the PC to the mobile domain, so the result is "advertising engine" ...

4 Mobile search is definitely not a wireless PC search, competing for a new user, not a stock user on a PC, needs to rethink around the center of "move," which includes four aspects of new users, new requirements, new experiences, and new patterns, especially the user scenarios for mobile search.

5 The advantages of the PC Internet age will become the baggage of the mobile internet age, the more vivid example is that Intel has not become the dominant mobile chip, Nokia fell to the door of the mobile Internet, Microsoft in the mobile operating system behind iOS and Android, and Baidu Mobile search ...

6 Next UC will focus on building around the "God Horse Search" of the mobile ecological environment, will soon have an important decision to share with you ...

In the end God horse decided, you say ah ... )

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