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Yu--uc Chairman and CEO June 11 News, Alibaba announced, UC excellent view (hereinafter referred to as UC) fully integrated into the Alibaba Group, will be the formation of UC Mobile Enterprise group, UC chairman and CEO Yu as the cause group president, and into the Ali Group Strategic Decision-making Committee. Let's learn more about the mobile internet company that Alibaba has invested heavily in. UC was founded in 2004, the current global user more than 500 million, its own UC Browser, god horse search, UC nine tours, pp assistant, such as a number of mobile Internet products and platforms. Core product Composition: UC Browser: UC Core products. Yu has said that UC browsers have a global audience of more than 500 million, of which more than 100 million are overseas users. God Horse Search: Mobile search engine, by UC and Alibaba co-sponsored the formation. At present, the God horse in the domestic mobile search engine market penetration rate has exceeded 20%, the monthly number of active users also reached 100 million. UC Nine: UC's gaming platform, the overall responsibility for UC gaming business. At present, UC nine online mobile phone games more than thousands, active users more than 60 million. PP Assistant: Mobile application distribution Platform, December 2013, UC announced the completion of the purchase of PP assistant. At present, on the iOS side, pp helper users reach 50 million. UC Financing process: 2006, UC access to Lei Angel investment, the amount, the proportion of unknown; In 2007, UC received a joint venture and Morning Hing Venture investment of 10 million U.S. dollars, the specific amount, the proportion of unknown; in 2009, UC received Alibaba, morning Hing Investment, Joint venture sources a total of three institutions of the 12 million dollar strategic investment, the specific amount, the proportion of the stock is unknown; 2010, UC won the Nokia Growth Fund investment, the amount, the shareholding ratio is unknown; Ali's romance: March 2013, Alibaba spent 506 million dollars (about 3.13 billion yuan) Strategic investment uc;2013 December, Alibaba further overweight UC, pay cash 180 million dollars (about 1.097 billion yuan). From this can be seen, Alibaba Group before and after the total need to pay UC shareholders 4.207 billion yuan, to December 31, 2013, Alibaba Group to pay UC 3.358 billion yuan of cash, the follow-up will also pay the remaining part. After the two deals, Alibaba won a total of 66% of UC's shares. UC executive team: Yu--Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng--President Liang--chief operating Officer Hong Shengwen-chief financial Officer Wang Tung-Senior vice President Vedon-Senior vice President Chen Shi-Vice President Zhonghua-Vice President
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