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Most public cloud announcements are focused on machine instance discounts, new perpetual storage choices, or the introduction of new services, yet news about cloud development tools does not seem to be heeded. Amazon and Microsoft offer many new tools to make it easier for developers to build, test, and deploy cloud instances.

Developers looking for a language-specific cloud tool help automate some of the more tedious cloud instances, and there are a number of options for storage tasks. Let's take a look at what cloud development tools Microsoft and Amazon have already provided.

Amazon Eclipse Toolkit supports cloud development

Amazon is committed to supporting most of its development frameworks, which are widely used by developers, to eclipse. Amazon has created a set of toolset to support any Java developer using the cloud infrastructure, including elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon SimpleDB, and so on. Developers can download AWS Toolkit from Amazon site for Eclipse; Eclipse is available for download from the Eclipse Project Web site.

After you install AWS Toolkit for Eclipse and configure your AWS access keys and encryption keys, you can support these services by default. The SDK includes examples of applications that work with S3, SimpleDB, simple Queue Service (SQS), and AWS Console. Online describes how to start the AWS SDK in Java.

In addition to writing code, the developer needs the manager resource. The Amazon Eclipse toolset allows developers to perform maintenance tasks in the same development environment that they are encoding.

AWS SDK and AWS Explorer allow developers to manage S3, SQS, relational databases (using relational data Services), EC2 instances, and AWS resilient Beanstalk. The toolset supports a variety of Amazon accounts, so you can configure your account.

The Explorer implementation features specific support for each Amazon Web service, such as the S3 section of AWS Explorer, where you can list bucket, delete bucket, and change permissions. In the Simple Queue Service editor, developers can list, delete, and send information to queues, while deleting information from your queues.

The query Editor in the SimpleDB feature allows cloud developers to find data that meets specific criteria. Amazon EC2 tools allow developers to perform basic tasks in machine images, instances, resilient block storage, and security groups. When deploying cloud applications on a server, the AWS Elastic Beanstalk tool in Explorer can automate tasks.

Microsoft's Cloud development tool

Microsoft is playing a role in supporting developers to work with a variety of languages, including. NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, Python, and so on. Microsoft has also strengthened multiple language extensions for non-Microsoft platforms. For example, include a tutorial using Python, MySQL, and Django to build a Web site for the Python framework. It also includes a tight integration between Microsoft Windows Azure and Visual Studio 2012 without any surprises.

Visual Studio supports the server browser, allowing you to develop changes to watch server configuration information. For example, you can check the status of a virtual machine and use a Remote Desktop connection within the development environment. You can operate additional services in Windows Azure, including building a caching service for applications in Visual Studio. The latest version of Visual Studio allows developers to deploy simulated upgrades of multiple instances, a distributed application potential time saver as large as cloud applications.

Visual Studio includes performance assistance with more hit requirements for regular development tasks. Microsoft has added additional support via NuGet, which is focused on the runtime, diagnostics, and configuration packages with tools that add Third-party libraries to the Visual Studio environment. Visual Studio includes templates for common functional roles, such as the worker role with the Service bus queue and the cache Worker function.

Whether you prefer to use Amazon cloud or Microsoft Cloud to develop, there are advantages. Amazon's support for Java is strong, but it also provides support for a wide range of development tasks, from managing virtual machines to querying data.

Microsoft is clearly committed to supporting a variety of common languages that developers use. Its flagship development platform, Visual Studio, maintains the same pace as the developer's need to move to the cloud.

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