Union Letter Yong Yi buys Changsha AI special strategy to overweight tobacco IT service industry

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The company has announced 13 million yuan acquisition of Changsha Innovative Digital Integration Co., Ltd. ("Changsha AI") 100% of the equity.  The company said that this will make up for the letter of the Wynn in the tobacco industry IT product line technical vacancy, for the company to further consolidate and improve the market share of the industry to lay a solid foundation.  According to the introduction, Changsha AI Special tobacco industry product development and integrated management system, enterprise indicators metric digital control platform in the tobacco industry has begun to apply, and is in a leading position, its technical focus and the current technical direction of the Union letter will form a good complementary. Union believes that the company in the tobacco industry for many years, the tobacco industry enterprises in the software application is one of its market focus, so the unity of the letter is from the strategic development and overall business integration of the height to see the acquisition. According to CCW information data show that 2004 China Tobacco industry integration, the Chinese tobacco industry, a total of 50 major tobacco manufacturers around, industry integration of tobacco industry management put forward higher requirements, but also promote the tobacco industry information investment efforts. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of regulatory requirements, the state's investment in the information construction of the tobacco industry's regulatory department has increased year by year. Therefore, the joint letter of the acquisition of the future will also have a good market prospects.
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