U.S. monitoring of former Chinese leader Huawei and banks is also a target

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The New York Times and Germany's Der Spiegel 22nd also published the latest Snowden of former U.S. intelligence personnel. The US surveillance target also includes several former Chinese leaders and several government departments and banks, Der Spiegel said. Before the Prism gate incident last year, the United States had long accused China of launching a hacking attack against the US, claiming that many hackers had a military background. Some American politicians have begun to suspect that the company may have a backdoor in its products, based on the unclear relationship between Huawei and the Chinese military. But according to the New York Times, a NSA2010 document by Snowden revealed that Huawei was one of the targets of a US espionage operation in the NSA's operation, code-named attack Giant. The Washington Post 23rd quoted Huawei US business executive Plummer as saying that Huawei did not know that it was the goal of the NSA, ironically, the US accusation that China's actions against the United States are actually exactly what the US has done to us. He also said that if the NSA had been spying on Huawei, it would have been clear that Huawei had nothing to do with the Chinese government, but rather an independent company. Washington is losing its morals, the German focus magazine said 23rd, citing foreign policy experts ' comments that the United States has been pressuring China for years on the basis of Chinese espionage and hacker attacks. In fact, America is the wiretap. According to the German news station, the United States is monitoring the whole of China in all its entirety, in the final analysis, because the United States is afraid of China overtaking itself as the world superpower.
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