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US service official website today released the adventure mode: Naxxramas curse price preview and the introduction of the hero difficulty! Each area will need to unlock 700 gold coins or 6.99 US dollars, national dress version of the ticket price has not been released, please pay attention to the Sailor House to get the latest information on the national service adventure mode prices.

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We are brushing the mucus pool, fill the abomination, cleaning the necropolis, ready to let everyone have an unforgettable adventure. "Naxxramas curse" is about to open, and we know that everyone is eager to want to play! This article will announce the admission price of Naxxramas, as well as explain the heroic difficulty of Naxxramas.

Naxxramas entry price

Floating necropolis "Naxxramas" filled with a large number of undead leaders, want to be able to compete with a competitor, test their playing skills. If you want to drill deep into this necropolis for exploration, you must first understand the secrets of five of these regions. We will tell you in detail ways to make sure everyone understands (though Tatihs is disappointed) so you do not have to worry!

After the start of Naxxramas activity, only one area will be opened at a time, and a new area will be opened every week. The order of opening is as follows: spider area, plague area, military area, tectonic area, frost dragon nest.

All players will have free access to the Spider-Man during their Naxxramas events and the event will last for about a month, meaning that players will have enough time to step into Naxxramas' door and there will be more More information is revealed. Players must cross the aisles covered with heavy cobwebs to challenge Anub'brān, Black Witch, Pharina and Maxna, who hide behind it. Beat these leaders to get new cards and further challenge the thrilling crisis lurking in the depths of Naxxramas.

After opening the spider area, the other four areas must be paid 700 gold coins or 6.99 US dollars per district to enter. Players can use the gold earned in Hearthstone to unlock new areas (by completing daily quests, battles and arena rewards) or pay in real currency.

If you plan to open more than one area at a time, we also have the "Naxxramas Curse" package! Fortunately, there are many spiders in the spider can assist in the packing work ...

US service to unlock the price details:

All five districts Price: 24.99 US dollars

The first area has been unlocked: (buy the remaining four districts) 19.99 US dollars

The first two areas have been unlocked: (purchase the remaining three districts) 14.99 US dollars

The first three areas have been unlocked: (purchase the remaining two districts) 9.99 US dollars

Single zone ticket price: 6.99 US dollars or 700 gold

Players who buy packs can not open or enter the open area in advance, and they must wait until the area is open for the week. However, the purchase of gift packs players in the opening moment of the new area, immediately experience a new adventure content!

If you start the first month of Naxxramas activity and then decide to buy the remaining area using real money, you need to buy a 4-zone pack and wait for the zones to open.

If you open an extra area with gold and intend to open other areas with real money, you can still enjoy the package price. For example, after you enter the spider zone free of charge during the event month, unlock the second zone with gold, and for the remaining three zones, simply buy the zone 3 pack in real money.

Do not forget to enter this city of death during the one-month listing campaign and enjoy the spider-site adventure for free!

Heroic difficulty

Once a player has defeated all the leaders in one area, the heroic difficulty in the area can be unlocked! Heroic difficulty of the chief will be more difficult than ordinary, even the "Hearthstone" veteran may be difficult to parry.

If you defeat all the knights under the naxxramas heroic difficulty, you can unlock a new card back and add to your collections.

We are looking forward to "Naxxramas curse", I hope soon to see everyone enjoy a new adventure!

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