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blog on the topic of blog seems to have endless potential, every blogger seems to have thought about such a question, "Why should I blogging?", some people are to record their lives and friends to share, some people are in order to maintain their sensitivity to the industry, Some people are the blog as their own on the network of private tea, and some people say more interesting, he said his blog is the epitaph of the future ... Although a lot of people do not write this item in their blog, but we still have the honor to see some wonderful descriptions, such as the beginning of the December 2004 blogging Vintone (Ming Brick) in the opening words of their own blog wrote: "... Use blog as the record and supervision of self change ... Comprehend the business management; enhance it technology; enrich the humanities, enjoy the fashionable life, and record the mental process ... "

Chong usually have contact with some friends, in the joint promotion of some work tasks, found that many friends in interpersonal communication, speech and other aspects have great talent, but in business writing but still need to work hard to improve. Many of the work documents written by friends often have the following drawbacks:

Not in the style of norms;

The entire document is casual in its formal sense, sometimes without headings, without the details of headers, footers, signatures, closings, and time.

lack of systematic thinking;

In fact, every working document is a description of a task, some large planned tasks, and some small implementation of the details of the task. Many friends in the thinking task when the system is relatively poor, so, naturally in the writing, it appears that there is no discipline, the lack of clear main line.

Task demand is unknown, lack of feedback request;

Each working document is addressed to a specific person. What you want to express in your document should be clearly presented. What is identified, what is undefined, what needs to be explored, and what needs immediate feedback for current tasks should be clearly presented in the working document.

Lack of priorities

In writing long articles, due to primary and secondary unclear, lack of focus, leading to the article to express the main ideas buried in a lot of material. The place which should not spend the pen and ink is displayed a lot of material, but the place that should focus to unfold is Morukin.

This let Chong think of the title of Cnblog: "China is not a good writer of the country, and the emergence of the blog ..." In fact, China is a very good writing country, but it is becoming a not good at writing the country. The internet has allowed more people to improvise in their work documents the same kind of materials collected in the network, writing papers and compiling university textbooks called "Wen Yuangang". And with more and more easy-to-use online publishing tools that allow more people to write freely, "micro-content" seems to be a pretext for not having to worry about writing.

Of course, Chong here is not to all bloggers will become a writing master, Chong just put forward a small suggestion. For workers in the business world, the accumulation of micro-content writing can also be a good way to improve your business writing skills in a step-by-step manner, and the history of blogging can also be a record of your advanced writing.

A friend who has other good talents in the business world and lacks in written expression and communication. Usually because of their poor writing skills, and often in the work of writing tasks to the colleagues who have this skill to do. In fact, the ability of written expression and communication is the necessary quality of higher professional managers, and this kind of ability can be cultivated slowly, not entirely determined by talent.

Here, Chong some ways to improve his business writing skills for some friends who like to move in blogosphere:

1. See more

In their favorite fields, look for some excellent blog. Usually there are some excellent bloggers in every field, they are not only senior in the industry, but also have deep writing skills, if they blogging frequency high, their blog will naturally become a high volume of browsing blog. For example, in the IT field, Bo's blog is it workers worth watching more blogs.

2. Look carefully

When you find a blog that you can often browse, how do you look at it? Look carefully, when looking at each post, remember to walk along the hyperlinks in the post, and in addition to discovering unexpected new information, you can learn what the author's original resources are, so that you can study how the author sums up and analyzes the raw material.

3, control to see

Blogosphere has the feature of topic focusing, that is, in a certain period of time many blogs are talking about the same topic, because blogosphere is a mutual influence and rapid feedback of the world. This way you can compare how different bloggers comment on the same event, different thinking patterns, different viewing angles, different writing styles. In comparison, you can build a more comprehensive thinking model and learn a variety of writing styles.

4. Write the summary first

It is a natural process to read more and write. Want to learn to write, do not try to write a macro at the beginning of the epic, first from the beginning of writing simple is a more sensible choice. Condense the news that you are interested in and retell the main threads, core plots and main ideas of an article in your own language.

If you are familiar with the author and the background of the article, then when writing a summary, it is natural to insert these background information into the abstract.

Of course, you can also add your own comments, to express your views on the news and opinions.

5. Series Summary

English Teaching program is, first learn simple sentences, and then learn complex sentences, complex sentences are in fact by a series of simple sentences, Chinese writing is the same truth. A lengthy article consists of several parts, each part of which is composed of arguments, arguments, and arguments. When you find that several sources of network information have some relevance, you can try to concatenate these seemingly different sources, write their respective summaries separately, and then concatenate the summaries in the way you think they relate to each other.

When you are already proficient in writing, you will naturally have a lot of different sources of information in your writing, rather than a single summary before you pick them up as described in the previous paragraph:

6, from coarse to fine

After a period of practice, you can try to write a separate article from the material.

Once you have any ideas and inspirations, be sure to record them in a written way, and start by writing a few key words and sentences on the small notebook. When you have time, and then expand these keywords into a thick outline, in the outline stage, please spend more time to consider the point of view in the outline of the logical reasoning relationship. Basically, the outline stage is in the draft, for the task, in fact, this is the stage of task planning. Any business document is intended to serve the task, so the actual process of writing is the process of task planning and execution. After the outline is completed, you can refine your writing, add blood to the skeleton, quote the classics, and mobilize all the potential information accumulated in your brain library to serve your point of view.

It's the same as building a house. When building a house, first lay the foundation, and you need to exercise your writing skills; After laying the foundation, then use the steel and concrete layer to build the framework of the House, and you need to write the full text of the outline before writing a description of the article; You also need to make the outline from coarse to thin, and interpret the outline as an article.

7, reader-oriented

Whether it's a business document or a blog Post that you write at random, you actually have a potential target audience. Business documents sometimes report a task to your boss, ask your boss for a decision or give you resources, or inform the context of the situation, suggest future measures, or suggest ideas and plans to engage your supervisor from a higher level of perspective. In addition to communicating with your boss, you often need to communicate with co-workers and outside partners. When the target object is different, the function and content of the business document are completely different.

The blog Post, which is free to write, seems to have no target audience and is actually a potential target reader. Some of the potential target readers of blogs are friends who are usually known, while some of the potential target readers of blogs are those who have the same topic of interest. In the blogging, the author always unconsciously sets a potential target reader for post.

If you're writing with a clear idea of who your potential target audience is and then writing in a reader-oriented way, you'll get more, faster, and more positive feedback on your writing or post.

8, repeatedly write

Do not be afraid to write the same topic, quote the same sentence, repeatedly write the same topic, constantly digging out different materials, this is blogging different from the convenience of traditional writing. The blog can track an event, but also can collect the same topic of different materials, continuous tracking and comprehensive materials, will make your future writing more historical and persuasive.
These fragmented micro-content, accumulated over the years, will be a huge asset--either for you personally or for society as a whole.

9. Modify Correction

One feature of online writing is that every author wants to be published. Here, Chong or propose everyone in Word writing, and then posted to blog management backstage or BBS, otherwise the system fault will often put your hard work to eat, and its repeated chagrin and complaining, not as safe as online writing.

Remember that before and after the release, I seriously read it again, typos are unavoidable, remember to amend. The wrong link, remember the "release new log" when the "management" of the old log!

We have a phrase in the subtitle of the media. By arranges, for arranges ... ". This is a responsible time for technology developers to attach importance to usability and security, and every blogger--writer--and also to the readability of his blog.

Even in the BBS posted a post, but also remember to text a section of the branch, rather than let a long article without a fragment heap together-so, who see you paste the text.

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