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Keywords Build SEO get rid of

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Before read an article called My Eye seo triple realm, write very well, we can go to see. Do SEO the first realm is to do the keyword rankings, the second realm is the user experience and create a marketing site, the third realm is to use SEO to create brand sites. Today is here to talk about building a brand of knowledge, the advantages of the brand site is not much to say, we all know, now the brand standing in the weight of Baidu is more and more high, remember the last time Baidu is to combat the use of the site code-named "Solar storm" action. Resulting in a lot of shanzhai sites by K. Creating a brand site is like buying a piece of insurance in Baidu, is not to be K (generally). Brand Web site to create a number of ways, today is to give everyone erected a concept, that is the real brand site needs to get rid of the shackles of keywords, I believe we may have some confusion, how can the key words will be tied to the brand site to build it? Let's give you a picture of the first

Now you may be a little understand why I said the key words will be binding brand site to build it, because you a site if the title of too many keywords, people can not notice the name of your site. On the contrary, as I do, the title does not appear in the keyword, the title of the actual battle Camp SEO training, people will be the eyes of all the attention will be concentrated in these words above, I believe it will be easy to remember your site, of course, if others can often come to your site that you must have an attractive content.

Maybe a lot of my friends will have two puzzles after reading my way of doing this:

The first confusion: may be some people will ask, I search for Shaoyang seo is the actual battle Camp SEO training, will not increase mistrust, of course, this will also exist, but you can explain in the description, I believe that although the first time some confused, but click to enter your site curiosity or some. As long as the content of your site and its search keywords extremely related to it, the next time they come to your site is accustomed to. If your site ranked off, people also want to find you also very easy, directly enter the name of your site, this time you have walked out of the brand site to create the first step.

The second confusion: the title does not appear in the keyword ranking seems difficult, it is true, you have to build brand site of course, than do not pay the cost of higher, this you must make good heart preparation. But I suggest you do this, it may be easier to do rankings, is in the early days of the site's main keyword added in the title, and then the key words to do up, and then slowly remove the keyword, until the end of all the keywords, leaving only the name of your site. The principle of this operation for everyone to explain, because the title is a search engine to judge your theme of an important way, the previous title appeared in the keyword, but then did not, not modified the title, this situation than to modify the title to light, search engine does not need to change a title like to get to know you again But it is important to note that your site's own keyword layout can not be changed, because when you no longer appear in the title keyword, search engines rely on your home page keyword to judge. If you want to do better, then use tools to your site's keywords and your brand name brush the relevance, so easy to stabilize the rankings.

To give you an example, you will be more aware of my saying: The real brand site is to get rid of the shackles of the key words. You can see the Baidu index look at the auto this index on average at 120,000, and the car index is more than 20,000 even 30,000 are not, this is the brand, if the day who if the search actual battle Camp SEO training than the search for more than the training of people when we succeed, If you do a website to search the name of your site, than search your main keywords more than the time, that is successful, and your site's name can basically be equated with your main keyword. If your site 50% traffic is someone else by searching your site's name, you will succeed. At this time in the search engine eyes you are also brand station, you search auto target is very clear, is running auto, if you can not find this site in your search engine, people do not think that there is a problem with their website, may think that the search engine has problems and turn to other search engines.

Remember to read Zac write seo actual password when he also mentioned this view: the name of the real big brand is not what it does, like Google, can you literally understand what it does, such as when you literally knew it was a book seller, you know? Real big brands are like this, these big brands they get rid of the shackles of the key words. I hope you can think about what I am talking about today when we are doing brand website. Article content from Shaoyang seo please indicate the source, thank you.

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