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Industry's user demand analysis is one of the key factors of website optimization. In the early days of site optimization, it is related to the overall layout of the site, keyword selection and the future direction of the site, in the middle of the site optimization, it directly affects the ranking of site keywords, in the late optimization of the site, it affects the conversion rate of products or services. The industry's user needs are not accurate, in the optimization process will be less.

Every industry, every keyword, has more than one search requirement, such as searching for the word "Detective Dee", some of whom are trying to understand the character of Detective Dee, and others to watch "Detective Dee" and "Detective Dee the King of God". Although each keyword has multiple user requirements, but they have one thing in common, that is, there are major needs and secondary needs, such as the search "Detective Dee", the main requirement is to understand the character of Detective Dee, secondary demand is to watch TV dramas or movies, according to Baidu Click Algorithm, you can clearly know.

This is why we need to analyze the reasons for user needs, it can let us understand the key requirements and secondary requirements, only when we understand the main requirements of a keyword, through the site adjustment, fill the main requirements of the content, the site can be user point up.

There are many methods to analyze the needs of Web site users, in order to facilitate the understanding and practicality of most readers, Ziming focuses on several simple and easy to operate methods:

1, according to Baidu Drop-down box, related search judgments: According to Baidu Drop-down box, related search to determine user needs is the most direct, most convenient method, keyword user demand size of the order: in Baidu Drop-down box inside is the order from top to bottom, in the relevant search is from left to right, from top to bottom of the order. Need to note that Baidu's Drop-down box is the latest week of data, Baidu related search is the last two weeks of data.

2, according to the first page of the keyword ranking judgment: engaged in more than half a year of site optimization personnel should know, a lot of unpopular industry keyword is not a dropdown box, and related search is not accurate, this situation, site optimization personnel can be based on the first ten items of the order to judge.

such as: (1) The occurrence of Baidu know that the key words have questions and answers demand;

(2) The appearance of Baidu Library, indicating the need for information download;

(3) The appearance of Baidu pictures, indicating the need for pictures;

(4) The appearance of Baidu Bar, the discussion needs;

(5) The video shows that there is video demand;

According to Baidu official revealed that Baidu know, Baidu Library, Baidu Pictures can only play 60 points, obviously these content has a lot of perfect space, we just have to do these things to the extreme, we can exceed Baidu products, because we are professionals in this industry.

3, to do the secondary demand: Now there are many industries, the main demand has been very well satisfied, the first page is the top-level domain name of the enterprise website, with the first method and the second method does not work, in this case, we can use "circuitous tactics" to do.

For example: Ziming is now responsible for the Hunan University self-study network, after taking over this website, after analysis, "Hunan University self-taught examination" This word biggest user demand is the Hunan University self-study undergraduate and Hunan University self-study examination profession, but when carefully looked at the top 10 website, discovered these needs not only to be satisfied, moreover did very well, When there is no clue, Ziming is in search of "Hunan University self-study undergraduate" when found the first page of Baidu Library, said before, appeared in the library, stating that there is data download demand, found that the demand, ziming and see the Hunan University in the top 10 of the site, no accident, There is no site to meet this user needs, and then adjust the site home page layout, the home page to increase the download of self-study data, after one weeks of time, the site's main keyword on the second page to the first page of the eighth.

Some people may ask, why Ziming's website only ranked eighth place? The reason is very simple, because the ziming only satisfies the secondary demand, after the son Ming consummates the main demand, certainly will have a very good rank. This article by ( webmaster feeds!

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