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The value of the scope of definition

The process of doing something is of value, for example: jogging or playing the piano.

To make something worthwhile, such as repairing a car or making a meal

While defining the scope of the project, you're doing both.

The value of the process

Thinking about potential conflict points

Set priorities for doing things

The value of the product

A reference point for the entire team, a common language

Use documentation to define requirements

Take the idea out of your head and become something that everyone can see and participate in.

This is the case if the document is not used. Everyone has an idea of the product, and everyone's description is different, and even worse, everyone thinks that others shoulder the key responsibility for the design and development process.

Helps you to comb through a variety of possibilities and alternative functions. Many features sound tempting, but they are not necessary for the strategic objectives of the product. When the possibilities emerge in your mind, documenting them with a document gives you an architecture to evaluate them

Ii. Functions and content

Functional requirements are accompanied by content requirements, and content requirements are accompanied by functional requirements

(feature or feature, which indicates the function and content of the product)

Sources of demand

1. Extracted from user interviews and feedback

2. Discussion with stakeholders

3. Learn Competitive Products

Prioritize features

1. Consideration of technical reasons

2. Consider the time factor

3. Consider functional dependencies

Iii. dealing with unexpected "characteristics" suggestions

1. Focus on the relationship between the characteristics of the current scope and the strategy in the discussion at all times during the session

2. People will be more focused on the current characteristics, ignoring the strategic factors behind

3. If there is a debate about identity with management and leadership, the best approach is to develop strategies and focus strategies

4. Respect their opinions, but to convince them that their ideas will be realized in another way

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