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As a webmaster, the most concerned about the problem than the site's user experience, followed by traffic and profitability. Now slightly some of the flow of the site have chosen to put ads to obtain profits, the domestic webmaster general advertising common in several ways: window, induced clicks, ads in the station, advertising alliances and several. In fact, no matter what kind of use, there is no denying that users do not like ads, or that does not like the impact of the user experience of the ads, then as a webmaster should be how to avoid the site because the ads caused the loss of users this embarrassing situation?

One, does not hang the window advertisement

Window ads are generally recognized as a very objectionable form of expression, is generally a movie site and some of the download station to adopt this more, this situation users just search for the resources they want, direct download and then shut down the site, will not be a more in-depth visit to your site. I often encounter this type of Web site when the pop-up window when the advertisement has not been shown directly off, hanging thunder download, conveniently even the main station are closed, so as not to look at one more. The author as an ordinary user will be so, not to mention other users, perhaps this kind of hanging window site also did not care about the feelings of these users, in fact, this is very wrong. User's aversion is accumulated 1.1 points, do not expect users to get used to, unless you do a very good site, or try to avoid the use of window ads, it is to block your users of the first killer.

Second, less user error induction


Error induction This situation is very common in the Resource download Class Web site, as shown in the above picture, in the same page multiple occurrences of such a hint, please ask the user to choose which one? Choose this, Halo is an advertisement, then point to the other one, bad advertising, it must be the following this bar, the result is advertising. For this again and again, repeatedly induced users to click on the ads, in fact, the user's injury is not less than the window, for the network novice that is almost crazy feeling, I just want the next E-book reader can not distinguish clearly download link, you give users so much click induction is not in the rush to users go? For the writer, Click the second time, if the second can not give a real download address, then the direct exit and then looked for, and then find resources through the search engine to see the title of the site directly skip the click, so that the webmaster you are not because of advertising and blocked the user's way?

Third, beautiful and tidy station advertisement position


A website has a good tone and website style, even advertising is so creative and orderly, users will not only dislike, but sometimes also deliberately to pay attention to. As shown in the picture above, beautiful and neat but without losing the advertising highlights, so that both show to the user, but also did not have any impact on the user's visit to the site. By contrast, a Web site that is so cluttered with advertisements, some websites even move on the page floating advertising code, users can not understand what is the content of the site, which is advertising, so that users will be lost, once lost will choose to quit the site, so optimize your station Advertising will help you reduce the loss of users, which is also very important.

Iv. Choosing an excellent advertising alliance

Written here may be the webmaster to get mad, is not the webmaster can not hang ads? Does not hang advertisement stationmaster still how to survive? In fact, the three major domestic and reliable advertising alliance Google Advertising Alliance, Baidu Alliance and Taobao Alliance Advantage or more obvious, a variety of specifications and advertising are more beautiful and tidy are better, The match degree of the advertisement relative to the user is still more than the above said window, the inducement clicks to be high, in the payment and the safeguard aspect these several advertisement Alliance are absolutely reliable. Since the excellent advertising alliance has so many advantages, that AdSense put such ads will not block the user's way, right? In fact, this kind of advertising alliance is excellent, but still did not escape the traditional advertising display mode, although the user can intuitively judge the ads, but the user experience, still have a certain impact. Isn't there a perfect solution for advertising? In fact, some of the ads will be invisible, allowing users to choose their own advertising is the ultimate pursuit of the webmaster.

V. The ultimate pursuit: the intangible of Advertising


Have you ever thought of the ordinary one above a beautiful home picture unexpectedly is advertisement? did not see it, when the user mouse across the picture will find more than one icon a such mark out, when the mouse put a mark on the position, the ads directly from the exquisite home pictures displayed. Users will be interested to click to see, which greatly increased the number of users clicks, the precision of the advertising target also reached, a picture is beautiful and tidy, do not occupy any extra space, exquisite pictures of the user's visual impact is quite large, and the image of the alliance features only a simple line of code can be achieved. Found it, this is the ultimate pursuit of AdSense, advertising invisible, not only to enhance the user experience, but also to attract users attention to the effect. Let the user choose and click on the ads, this is the user and webmaster a balance point.

As long as all starting from the user, as a user, or even a novice users do not understand the Internet, then advertising will no longer become an obstacle, the opposite of advertising will be accurate delivery effect, a higher click rate, this is not what the webmaster needs it? Stationmaster profit is important, but many times still expect to be able to do the website oneself well first , and then appropriate to add some excellent advertising, so that the effect of the webmaster to make money, and users can be recognized, why not?

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