User ID card will be connected to the network, real name registration must be up to 90%

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January 6, the reporter learned that the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Public Security, the state Industrial and Commercial Administration jointly issued the "Telephone" black card "special Action work plan" (referred to as "program"), starting from January 1 this year, will be jointly launched a one-year telephone "black card" governance special action, and require telecommunications enterprises to the end of this year, the user's real name registration must be up to 90%.

User ID will be networked

The telephone "black card" refers to the mobile phone card (including wireless internet card) which has not been registered in real name and is used by criminals to disseminate obscene pornographic information, implement communication information fraud, and organize the implementation of criminal activities. The use of telephone "black card" to carry out criminal activities, low cost, tracing difficulties.

Program requirements, starting from February 1, 2015, the basic telecommunications enterprises and virtual operators of all types of marketing channels for users in the telephone access procedures, stop the manual input mode, switch to a dedicated mobile application (APP), and "National Citizen ID Number Inquiry Service center" networking, Realize the system automatically input user identity information.

From September 1 onwards, telecom enterprises all kinds of entity marketing channels should be fully equipped with the second generation identity card identification equipment, verification of the user's own identity card pieces. In addition, telecommunications enterprises should focus on the identification of users with the same identity card in a province where more than 5 mobile phone cards are registered.

According to the reporter understand, "real name" in the implementation of not ideal. 2014 Ministry of Industry and the organization of unannounced investigations found that there are still a large number of illegal outlets not according to the real-name requirements for network services.

ID card Manufacturers Benefit most

According to China Mobile related personage discloses, after September 2013 's new user, at present three operators already achieved more than 80% real name, but before the old user's real name authentication work promotion difficulty.

It is understood that at present at least 160 million of the old users still have no real name, this does not include an identity card registration of multiple mobile phone card "People card does not match" situation.

According to the three ministries, the operators have to lay a second-generation ID card recognizer in all channels this year, and the current mobile channel network is more than millions, with 97% of the outlets as social channels, China Mobile sources said.

Beijing News reporter found in E-commerce website, at present such a second-generation identity card recognition equipment prices more than 1000 yuan, good equipment prices close to 4000 yuan.

In this calculation, three operators in the second generation of ID card recognizer input to reach billions of yuan. In addition, operators also need to pay an additional information to the Ministry of Public Security to check costs.


The Ministry announced the implementation of real-name mobile phone users registration system, but at that time because there is no clear legal provisions to support the implementation of the effect is not ideal.

December 2012

The NPC Standing Committee promulgated the "Decision on strengthening the protection of network Information", the citizen personal electronic information protection and telephone user real name into the legal level.

July 2013

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has promulgated the regulations on the protection of personal information of telecommunications and Internet users and the registration of real identity information of telephone users.

September 1, 2013

The official implementation of the telephone user real identity information registration, the Ministry of Industry in all parts of the enterprise, on the basis of comprehensive inspection, the organization of 14 provinces of social marketing channels for unannounced visits.

February 2014

The ministry announced that the new telephone users real-name rate of 99.1%, all telephone users real-name rate of 82.4%.


Experts say real name is difficult

A telecommunications industry personage told reporters that the real-name real-name difficulties, especially in the newspaper kiosks and other social channels sold phone cards, a lot of loopholes in the operation of violations.

The person said that the operator's social channel is very complex, the development of user costs are low, some users monthly consumption of less than 10 yuan, some just rent and other short-term use of the phone card, the user itself also has the demand of anonymity.

In addition, the person said the real-name real-name system to increase the cost of the channel input, equipment laying, personnel training, promotion agent threshold, even if increased investment, there are still many loopholes.

For example, agents can use an ID card for a large number of phone cards, although the real name, but people and cards do not match. It is also difficult to solve the problem of telecom fraud and spam message through the real name of mobile phone card. ”

The person said that, in addition to the previous unregistered real-name users, although the basic telecommunications enterprises to take preferential measures to attract old users to carry out true identity information registration, but these old users initiative is not high.

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