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Here's an outline of the keynote speech I was invited to at Omniture's promotional event yesterday. Adobe's acquisition of Omniture, a news-worthy industry event, has not received the attention it deserves (although I personally think it seems more logical for Microsoft to buy Omniture to counter Google). This also reflects the underdevelopment of the domestic data analysis industry from the side. It is estimated that most people see my first reaction to this blog: Omniture, what?


Data analysis helps the art dragon create the best user experience

Elong:to build best online experience via data analysis

Slide-1 4G Strategy ELong 4G strategy

Guarantee (Service effect commitment)

Green (travel environmental protection)

Global (Globalization of resources)

Go-online (booking online)

The core of Slide-2 Go-online (online strategy) 4G strategy

Go-online (booking online)

--online promotion to replace offline promotion

--Creating the largest and most intelligent online trading platform

Why Slide-3 Online Promotion

--the traditional credit card-issuing promotion waste serious cost more and more high

-card-issuing promotion constitutes harassment of the vast majority of customers (acquisition of a client, harassment of 99 potential customers)

--The evolution of search engine makes marketing promotion from "Attention Business" to "Intention Business"

--Establish a closed-loop marketing system to measure ROI

Slide-4 Why book Online

Mature consumers want more autonomy

--able to cover long tail products, provide comprehensive information, complete complex transactions

--Reduce transaction costs

--The popularity of broadband and credit card makes the external conditions of online booking mature.

Draw back:

--No real-time access to user feedback and help

--Rely on data analysis to create smarter and friendlier trading platforms

The effect of SLIDE-5 online strategy

--to get the cost of a single customer compared to the previous drop of about 50%

-With the increase in the online booking ratio of the art dragon, the demand for call Center staff is reduced, which also lowers the cost of the art dragon staff.

With the promotion of cost optimization, art Dragon shares doubled in three months.

The advancing stage of Slide-6 online strategy

3 Phased push tasks for online strategy

A Availability (core task completion rate and finish time)

B) conversion rate (ordering funnel analysis)

C continuously increase ROI on online marketing

The advancement of SLIDE-7 online strategy relies more and more on data analysis

(A) Usability: Primarily dependent on typical user interviews and qualitative research

B) Conversion rate: mainly depends on the order funnel data analysis of each link with user survey

C increase ROI on online marketing: Relying entirely on data analysis

The depth of the online strategy is increasingly dependent on the system's ability to analyze data

Slide-8 What data do we focus on?

--Customer behavior data: Where to look, what's the response to that content?

--Product competitiveness data: Which products help us achieve the best transformation

--The data for the booking process: Where did the customer lose? Why did the customer click on the purchase button but did not complete the purchase?

--The Customer behavior difference and ROI of online promotion channel

Slide-9 out of the misunderstanding of data analysis

No data analysis can replace the product manager's deep understanding of user behavior and product characteristics

No data analysis can replace face-to-face interviews and in-depth communication with customers

--the analysis and interpretation of data is often still art, not science.

--the ability to integrate and analyze data from multiple sources must be established

SLIDE-10 Set up analysis--hypothesis--testing--the implementation of the user experience continuous improvement of the closed loop

Slide-11 Elong Example of the best user experience

A) Hotel Reviews Channel: Change "Select Hotel and review comment" for "choose the best hotel according to the comment rank", the conversion rate increased by 30%

B Low-priced calendar (pioneered by the Art Dragon, now the mainstream design of the industry)

C Hotel Map Search (together with Google, industry first, now become the mainstream of the industry design)

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