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Recently, encountered many friends asked Black and white about good SEO log analysis tools. Black and white that the tool itself is not good and bad points, the important thing is suitable for their own use, to meet the needs of SEO work, and efficient and fast, that is the best.

Today to introduce a log analysis tool-SEO assistant. Note: This feature is for the billing version.

SEO Assistant This software has introduced its keyword ranking in bulk query function, a lot of SEO friends are like this feature, buy a paid version. SEO Assistant In addition to the keyword ranked bulk query, in fact, there are many other good features, such as related keyword Inquiries, included, the key word timing tracking, log query and so on. Here is a detailed description of the log query analysis function.

Note: The explanation text comes from SEO Assistant official website.

Do SEO, log analysis is essential, through the analysis log can know those pages by search engine spiders crawl, crawl whether successful, so you can predict in advance whether the site optimization success. SEO Assistant developed Log Analysis tool to support the analysis of IIS logs, by identifying the major search engine spiders, and all kinds of key information results are listed in real time, users can clearly understand what spiders have come, crawled those pages, whether the success of the crawl. "Baidu", "Google", "Yahoo China", "Yahoo", "MSN", "Sogou", "Search", "Youdao" a key to finish, easy analysis hundred megabytes log, will not appear panic.


Specific actions:

Click on "Open Log" to select the IIS log to analyze--> "log Analysis", the speed of the analysis depends on the size of the IIS log, the results show. Figure:


Data display:


IIS Log Knowledge:

IIS Log Example Analysis


#Software: Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0

#Version: 1.0

#Date: 2008-10-14 16:00:00

#Fields: Date Time Cs-method cs-uri-stem cs-uri-query cs-username c-ip cs-version CS (user) CS (Referer) sc-status Sc-bytes

2008-10-14 16:00:01 get/newproduct-0-0-0-10184-_page_-30/clothes-rack-dryers-clotheslines-pegs.html-- http/1.1 mozilla/5.0+ (compatible;+googlebot/2.1;++ 71879


Date (date) ===========2008-10-14

Time ===========16:00:01

Cs-method (method) =======get

Cs-uri-stem (uri Resource) = =/newproduct-0-0-0-10184-_page_-30/clothes-rack-dryers-clotheslines-pegs.html// Represents the resource being accessed is the current file

Cs-uri-query (uri query) = = =//specific access parameters


C-IP (client IP) ==========

Cs-version ============http/1.1//protocol version

CS (user) =========mozilla/5.0+ (compatible;+googlebot/2.1;++ in the collection

CS (Referer) (reference site) =====-//search site

Sc-status (protocol status) ======= 200//200 = OK

Sc-bytes (Bytes sent) ===== 71879//Indicates the size of the current file

The meaning of the page status code:

2XX success

200 normal;

201 normal;

202 normal; Accepted for processing, but processing has not yet completed.

203 normal; Partial information-the information returned is only part of the message.

204 normal; No response-received request, but no information to echo.

3xx redirect

301 Moved-The requested data has a new location and the change is permanent.

302 found-The requested data has a different URI temporarily.

303 See other-the response to the request can be found under another URI, and the response should be retrieved using the Get method.

304 unmodified-The document is not modified as expected.

305 Use proxy-the requested resource must be accessed through the agent provided in the Location field.

306 unused-is no longer in use;

Error occurred in 4xx client

400 Error request-There is a syntax problem in the request or cannot satisfy the request.

401 Unauthorized-The client is not authorized to access the data.

402 Payment required-Indicates that the billing system is valid.

403 prohibited-access is not required even if authorized.

404 Not Found-the server could not find the given resource;

407 Proxy authentication Request-The client must first use the proxy authentication itself.

415 Media type not supported-server denial of Service request because the format of the request entity is not supported.

Error occurred in 5xx server

500 INTERNAL Error-The server cannot complete the request because of an unexpected condition.

501 not executed-the server does not support the requested tool.

502 Error Gateway-server received an invalid response from the upstream server.

503 cannot get service-server cannot process request due to temporary overload or maintenance

This article is written so much, and finally hope and interested in SEO friends to communicate with each other, black and white qq:714139666! Lan Shang QQ Group: 50099271!

Author: Lan Shang seo Team-black and white map

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