Using Ucenter home to build SNS website is difficult to succeed

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With Ucenter home built more than half a year, the more forward to feel the chances of success is slim. With this half year use Uch experience, want to write about their feelings. I have come to the conclusion that it may be difficult for you to succeed or to achieve your goals.

There is no absolute, if you are such a situation, or you can try Uch: 1. Just to play, there is no real meaning and goal. For example, just a student, in order to feel, practice practiced. 2. master reliable user resources. In other words, there are dozens of or hundreds of active users waiting for you to establish SNS, easy to get the first group of active users. 3. Have the technical strength to write Plug-ins, modify the program or page. Write their own plug-ins to meet their own special needs, modify the program or page, so that the site more suitable for their own requirements, from the "Powered by Ucenter Home" this superficial feeling (not to modify the meaning of copyright).

The first use of Ucenter home when I was shocked to feel, incredibly domestic already someone will do the SNS program so meticulous and mature (at that time is 1.2bata), now used for half a year, feel that most users will feel the following problems Uch:

I. Homogeneity is serious. This is a set of all webmaster Open source program, who downloaded the installed on can be used, so the result is all with Uch site "Long are the same", nothing more than color and picture exchange. This is only difficult to make users interested in the first visit to the site when there is no freshness, no desire to register into, no patience to see the content. Due to the recent research on too many sites, I personally see the Uch interface is really a feeling of nausea. In addition, because the program is for all webmaster, for all walks of life site, so product design perspective is to meet the vast majority of the site's needs, is a big intersection. This is the current Internet pursuit of creativity and personality trend is just the contrary, that is, with uch very difficult to make a very special website, like my sister-in-law next door, see black foreigners feel the same long!

Two. Ue/ui is deficient. When I wrote this, I suddenly felt like I was asking too much of Uch, but it was a very serious problem. SNS website Facebook is the big guy, the school is the domestic big guy, is the copy family Facebook, Uch product design is also. But in the ue/ui aspect obviously did not learn, the user registers to come in after the first feeling is very disorderly, in the personal interface too many categories of information are stacked together, there are log, photo, topic, mini Blog, who and who became friends, who commented what, who invited who, who stepped on who log, sidebar There are people to greet you, to add your friends, to participate in the bonus activities. See these content, the new user basically completely dizzy dish! I know Uch wants to learn Facebook (now the home page is also revised), the school, but only to learn the fur. It is the responsibility of product design that the Facebook and current schools do not feel so bad. Public information, personal information and app should be layered to reflect, leading the SNS trend of Facebook has been the home page of various types of information to provide a separate, so that users more clearly and simply find the content they want.

Three. Product design thinking determines the site is difficult to succeed. This is a serious mixture of personal views, the domestic SNS market view. Many friends have SNS and community these two words together use, I feel not rigorous. sns/Community/sns Community strictly speaking there are a lot of different, both inside and Uch Facebook is based on the relationship between people as the core, I just do not like this in our country can be widely used and done very well, I definitely do not optimistic. Of course there are exceptions, such as school and several big websites. After all, we are talking about the use of uch little funds and resources of the small web site, uch such a design is definitely weakening the content of the site, emphasizing the relationship between people. In our China, as a small site is hard to imagine how many members are the site as a networking platform for friends, on your site to maintain their contacts. It is hard to imagine that users rely on the "people" as a Web site, not "content". I have written about this in previous posts, so I do not care about these people with the relationship as the core of the design of the uch, use it to make SNS Web site is not suitable for the use of Chinese users.

These three questions seem to belong to different dimensions, but they are all met or felt by friends who use Uch. Finally, thanks for sing so excellent products, this article is purely business communication.

PS: Sing friends see this paste hope do not misunderstand, I just write their own point of view, after all, I also sing n years of users, and now has been used, indeed did not say very good. Want to Blog members: my blog, welcome to click!

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