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Webmaster Write website to promote the construction program, should not lack of navigation site outside the chain, high weight navigation site can improve the weight of the site. After the success of the navigation website by hao123, the navigation website also becomes the foreground of the grassroots stationmaster development, until now the navigation website is flying everywhere. Navigation site is also regarded as a free promotion platform, do outside the chain webmaster to learn to borrow, so as to improve their external chain and weight.

Some time ago Kedeng bloggers also do a lot of the site directory outside the chain, which also encountered some of the better Web site, here is not to say that I do not advertise, want to know the private can find me. Bloggers and everyone share their experience in the actual combat process.

First: The right platform to borrow power. Navigation Site Directory is really a lot of do not do when do not know, began to think that resources are difficult to find, and then in Baidu on a search is really a lot of feeling. But bloggers did not have to submit all the sites, just select some and their own site directory related to the platform. The blogger submits the Wende data, this is an IDC site, all bloggers are also looking for some and webmaster-related sites, like some of the life service classes of the site, although there are computer network this classification, but and Bo Master's website relationship is really small, all did not go to do. Navigation site is very strong, we have to borrow power, but it is not so easy to borrow, all of us need to find a good platform to borrow power. Don't waste each other's time.

Second: Borrow the right directory. In many free platform to find the appropriate, the most important thing is to submit their site in the platform. The classification directory on the platform is many, each big classification below will have two level small classification, all submits the website, must choose the classification directory and own website correlation. Common directory platform the same site can only be submitted once, to the platform to bring you more traffic, the classification of the submission of the choice is very important. Do not randomly fill in, whether it is a level of classification or level two classification, should choose appropriate. Such force is the fire.

Third: Fill in accurate website information. Want to promote their own site in such a free platform, not only because to do a chain to the site, I think the most important thing is to hope that such a platform to bring their own traffic, all the information to fill out the site is very important. The website's keyword, the website's label, the website description and so on all need everybody earnestly fills in. Users sometimes search the site, will submit keywords, or site title, may also be a simple description of the site. System retrieval If your keywords write well, it will be easy to retrieve, so that the traffic to the site is very optimistic.

Four: First, do the retreat technique. Although these directory sites are free, the basic requirement is that you add a single chain to your site. Do not add a single chain of site submission is difficult to pass the audit, but this approach to the webmaster is very unfair. But for the site to be submitted successfully, we can only do the site before submitting a single chain, so faster through the submission. After the submission can be removed immediately after the link, although they will have spiders to retrieve, but the function is not so strong, so many sites submitted, was found not very likely. However, if such a method is found, it is estimated that it will be withdrawn and will also affect the site. Webmasters are still looking to do it themselves.

V: Quick review by force. The weight of the site directory is very high, can bring their own benefits are also very good, but these sites are not completely free. Many web site audit speed is very slow, so the site also launched a quick review of the project, but this is a charge, if you are anxious to audit your site, you can also borrow the ability to quickly audit functions, but still feel a little bit not to feel.

It's really important: connections. If you can get to know the webmaster of the navigation website, the key audit of the personnel portal is also very simple. Bloggers have several navigation sites submitted, are shaken the key to the network, so that the Internet is also inseparable from the Community network.

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