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&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; How to do your own website keyword ranking, is every SEO people are very concerned about the problem.

Today, as a v5shop shop system to build one of the people, to communicate with you in the past few years in V5shop company to build online shop system and for E-commerce outsourcing customer service process of a little experience, with you to share the following skills and precautions! To improve your ranking of the site is absolutely good!

One: Site keyword processing: including keywords location, density, description, and processing methods

1, the page title must appear in the keyword, this is very important, is to arouse the interest of spiders, general this inside the number of keywords is the best in 1-3, do not accumulate a lot of, this will affect the overall ranking!

2, keyword tags appear in the core of the key words, we often say that the title: This is a must contain your most important target keyword, is the spider to find you a significant way, so many people will make a fuss here, a lot of piling up keywords, this is wrong, a lot of stacked target keyword Baidu will think you are cheating , so once found will definitely drop the right or K station, this also must pay attention to!

is also to be changed, the front is mainly to repeat the main keyword and add another long tail keyword, the following is a brief introduction to the meaning of these words, so that visitors to your site before you know what you are doing, spiders crawling when it is so, to tell spiders what you do or it does not know what you do, May leave your website at any time, so remember!

4, the website content must have the keyword: we update the site every day, it is best to combine the form of text and pictures, this is the search engine favorite way, and in the text content must appear in your keywords, spiders are along these words to crawl, and the beginning and the last paragraph must also appear keyword, Or it can't go down there, haha! and the picture also should be accompanied by the description of ALT, inside also want to add keywords, these keywords bold, change color, if necessary, also best to add links, not too dense, generally in 6%-8%, this is our daily update when to do!

Second: daily updated content quality, frequency and relevance to the subject

1, every day to update the content of the site, of course, original is the best, the income is also fast, the effect is also very good, of course, we do every day to do the original, whether in energy or time is not realistic, so at least to do false original, do not temporarily lazy, directly to the online reprint others Click High article, the bosom of the article are many people reprint , so you are reproduced, spiders will be very annoying, perhaps after that will not patronize your site. So do manual update is very necessary!

2, update the time to have a regular, not happy today to send a few, tomorrow is not a good mood to update, we must do a regular quantitative update, this is the habit of cultivating spiders, this time it will automatically come to your site collection, once you do not do this, it naturally to your attention is not so high, the effect of natural not to go there. In the process of updating the contents of the article to be independent, so as to provide effective new information to spiders, articles as many points as possible, editing, to do this to the site's revenue and update has great benefits!

3, when writing articles, must be related to the content of the subject, this is the same as the outside before writing, to highlight the central idea, if off, think your article is certainly not pass, so this is the same, do the purpose of interconnection! The best article has the comment function below, so the customer gives you better suggestion, Of course, you also commented, plus the keyword is also the affirmation of their own site and support, kill each other!

Third: internal and external links to the site

1, as much as possible to add some PR value than a higher site to do friendship links, to exchange, on your site outside the chain is very good, through other people visit the high Web site to drive your site traffic, if the conditions can also be appropriate to invest a little bit of the link, is also a good choice!

2, the daily update of the article, the article page also need to add some outside the chain, many people ignore this point, are only added to the chain of the home page, this will lead to the entire Web site is weak, will affect Baidu snapshot time update, so be sure to add some content page links, in the content page and content page to add some links, So that it is the most effective!

3, the continued daily Sword Renewal Blog, forum, many top stickers, and then is to adhere to write soft wen, soft text of the chain is permanent, so this is very necessary, but also promote the important way of your site, and enhance the site IP and weight of the best way! Hold on, hold on, hold on!

This article is provided by V5shop online shop system Provider official website: http://www.v5shop.com.cn

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