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Vaadin is an RIA Web application framework that uses the Open-source product of the ">apache V2 license agreement. Compared to JavaScript libraries and browser Plug-ins, its functionality is a server-side architecture, which means that most logical runs are on the server. Ajax technology is used on the browser side to ensure a rich and interactive user experience. Vaadin is a large series of UI components, with server-side components including buttons, tables, and tree, which can be used to make up the user interface application. Vaadin is a powerful fast application architecture, component-based architecture and data binding capabilities that can help you build easily modular and refactored applications.

Vaadin is developed by the IT Mill Company in Finland. Its predecessor is the IT Mill company from 2000 started research and development Millstone user Interface Class library. In 2006, it Mill launched its 920.html ">release 4" with the IT Mill Toolkit as its official name, which included a new AJAX-based performance layer engine that enabled developers to develop Ajax The application does not need to focus on client-server communication. At the end of 2007, it Mill used GWT technology to completely rewrite the IT Mill Toolkit Client interface rendering engine and use the Apache V2 protocol to open it up to it Mill Toolkit release 5. In the spring of 2009, in order to eliminate the confusion of naming (it Mill is to develop enterprise name rather than product name), it Mill to Vaadin (a mythical creature in Finnish folklore, a mythical ancestor of the goddess and a mountain reindeer), released the sixth version as a brand new name, This release also provides a complementary development tool for Eclipse and Netbeans Plug-ins, which greatly improves development efficiency.

Vaadin 6.6.3 This release fixes some minor bugs.

Download Address:

Vaadin 6 jar-only for all platforms
Jar Archive, 4.2MB, release Notes

Vaadin 6 for all platforms
Zip archive, 74MB, release Notes

Vaadin 6 Demo War-file for all platforms
Zip archive, 29MB, release Notes

Vaadin 6 documentation for all platforms
Zip archive, 45MB, release Notes

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