Venture board opening a tepid brokerage business is not the climax

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Zhou Xiaoyun Investors from July 15 onwards, can apply to the securities companies to open gem trading procedures.  However, the reporter learned in the interview, the current major securities business Board opening up the situation is different, the brokerage department does not generally usher in the expected climax of the opening. "From July 15 to now, about hundreds of customers to consult the gem trading situation." The average day will be able to receive 76 applications for the GEM account, and yesterday our company's motherboard number is 67.  "Mr. Wang, a securities broker at a Beijing sales department of China Merchants Securities, said. According to Mr. Wang, before July 15, there are many customers have called to consult the opening of the gem of the relevant situation. "There is no such a long queue," he said.  The broker said.  The enthusiasm of some small and medium-sized brokerage investors to apply for the gem is not as high as expected. "The week since July 15, we have opened a business board account is very small, this two days to consult a lot of, but the real business is not a few, the number of open accounts per day not to the number of the main board account."  "A small and medium-sized brokerage business Department of the head of the company, and other types of securities companies to open the Gem account is also estimated at the same level." The person in charge believes that the main reason for this phenomenon may be due to careful consideration, "compared to the motherboard, gem risk is relatively large, and the current specific trading rules have not been introduced, many investors still hold a wait-and-see attitude."  "In addition, the recent period of the motherboard market continues to rise, and the gem distance from the listing of trading there is a period of time, investors may not be in a hurry to open the Business Board account, which is also willing to cause the current opening of the gem is relatively deserted reasons."  From the composition of the customer, said the head of small and medium-sized securities companies, the current open Business Board account is mainly the old shareholders. Mr Wang said that some new investors are also very curious about the gem, but also want to deal with the gem account, but they do not understand the specific situation of the gem. "For example, some of the new investors in 2007, after the two-year bull bear conversion, many may also lose more to earn less, (if the risk of withstanding test unqualified) is not suitable for opening gem trading. "said Mr. Wang.
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