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Currently, the market share of the "use-owned" BYOD strategy is growing as the user grows, and this market trend means that IT departments must develop appropriate business applications, which, of course, can be used not only in iOS, Android, Windows RT and other operating systems, should also have the traditional notebook computer and desktop operating system on the ability to run freely.

In addition, the openness of corporate IT spending has prompted users to increasingly use the public cloud computing and data storage services they pay for. This development for it in the history of the Wintel Alliance, the ubiquitous failure has been threatening Microsoft's survival bottom line, not only so it is also likely to lead to a significant cost overruns in the IT application development budget.

The solution to this problem is a set of tools and languages that enable developers to develop web-based, data-driven multi-tenant applications with the skills they currently have, which can operate on the most popular mobile devices and desktop devices without special changes. In addition, these applications need to implement simple user authorization and authentication, preferably with open source identity certification framework, such as OAuth 2.

In 2012, Microsoft vice President Scott Guthrie announced the company's first killer for the BYOD market, with local Windows Azure supported by the cloud computing SharePoint Online on Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 's automated hosted SharePoint Online application supports Windows Azure Web sites locally, and this Windows Azure Web site is a recently released visual Studio LightSwitch's HTML client Preview version 2 development generated. The preview version supports the Windows RT operating system for smartphones and Tablet PC multi-tenant applications, as well as Apple iOS mobile devices and Android smartphones. Microsoft is committed to supporting the compatibility of Android tablet devices in the near future. Guthrie explains this in his Windows Azure and Office 365 blogs:

In the Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Beta releases, they have introduced several major feature enhancements, including improvements that developers care about. By using (that is, the Web form and the current MVC) to develop a network application, developers are now able to extend SharePoint by themselves and use the new workflow in. NET 4.5 The framework customizes the workflow.

Even better, developers are currently developing extended SharePoint network and workflow applications that can be hosted in Windows Azure. With Office 365 and Windows Azure, we provide end-to-end support that makes it easy to securely package and deploy these solutions.

Figure 1. The Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client Preview version 2 tool adds LightSwitch HTML application entries to the LightSwitch templates list for C # and VB projects.

HTML 5 and cascading style sheets (CSS) are the best way to design a user interface that is compatible with PCs, laptops, Windows RT, iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets in Windows 8 operating systems. The Visual Studio LightSwitch team responded in December 2012 when Microsoft announced the publication of Visual Studio 2012 standard or later Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML client preview version 2. The HTML client Preview version 2 is included in the Microsoft Office Developer tool in Visual Studio 2012 Preview version 2 (OfficeToolsForVS2012GA.exe). The installation tool adds LightSwitch HTML Application (visual Basic) and (Visual C #) templates (shown in Figure 1) to the LightSwitch Group.

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