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In recent years, domestic mobile phone manufacturers are very aggressive, constantly in the features and specifications of the work, such as millet first to do the system and then push mobile phones, Oppo first use on the 1080p screen and rotating camera modules, as well as Gionee 5.55mm ultra-thin mobile phones, of course, a lot of audio-visual phones, but also launched the world's first 2.5K Screen mobile phone's step high Vivo ...

We are evaluating the Vivo xshot, not only to be good at the selling point of music, but also want to take a piece of the market to shoot the mobile phone. The only 13 million-megapixel camera, compared with Sony Xperia Z2 or Nokia Lumia 1020, depends on the evaluation.


At first glance, somehow there is a déjà vu about xshot, feeling it's a bit like the "IPhone 6″" that's been pouring out--but now many of the phones are metal frames and white planes. But to say texture, xshot will be more than Xplay 3S nearly, because Xshot's machine back is plastic, and feel obviously no xplay 3S that with a bit of cold feeling, grinding is not so smooth. However, the edge of the xshot or metal, and the use of a smaller 5.2-inch screen, so that the body grip is less difficult, is better than the Xplay 3S place.

As with the previous machine, Xshot also randomly comes with the back protection board, so that the white machine back is not too easy to dirty. We are very advised to use this piece of protective board, because of turning to the back of the machine, we can see that its camera module has obvious protrusion, the degree is more serious than x3s, let it even have a circle of metal frame protection, but on the table will be easier to scrape. Next to the lens is a group of duotone LED lights, and the speaker is only one, placed near the bottom of the position, the volume is significantly lower than the Xplay 3S, in the street can only hear the bell.


Since the mobile phone name is xshot, the camera function is of course the primary evaluation point AH! So here we are looking at the system before, let's look at the performance of the camera. Interface, Xshot and Xplay 3S does not look very different, but the specifications of the camera module, but it is doomed to two machine imaging quality will be different: Xshot use is a group of 6 lenses of the f/1.8 lens, with the optical stabilization system, In addition to ensuring that low light photography can be used for slower shutter speeds to maintain low ISO quality, the ability to perform multiple shots (such as HDR) is best performed. In terms of software functionality, Xshot can also support the newly emerging 4K video capture and manual shooting mode.

4K Test Video

Well, in fact, we say that there is no difference in the interface, it is really just "look"--for shooting first positioning, xshot or added a lot of features. When we press the top left corner button, we can see the xshot provided by the shooting mode, has been increased from the Xplay 3S 7 to 12, which is more special, there is a background of virtual, children shooting and automatic scene mode. In recent years, the new features of the mobile phone, and Sony Xperia Z2 background Defocus function, is to detect the main body through multiple shots, and then the background for fuzzy processing; but compared with Sony's same function, the ability of the xshot detection subject is lower, In the face of smaller or closer to the background of the object is more likely to appear the whole picture of the problem.

The operation of children's filming mode is relatively simple, that is to use different sounds to attract children's attention, thereby increasing the success rate of filming. There are a lot of voices to choose from, like cats and dogs, drums, trains and bells, and random patterns, so that the success rate will not be reduced because of each sound. In addition to the sound, the model also features child face detection, which can be automatically photographed at the moment of the child's gaze. Although editors do not have children at home, the ability to make sounds is effective when using a pet to test them (although they only respond to a cat's bark. XD).

Vivo xshot Proofs

After seeing the features, of course, we should talk about the actual shooting quality. Compared with the Xplay 3S, the imaging quality is much better, we put the photos in 100% to see that their clarity and sharpness are as good as the other mobile phones on the market, and perhaps even better than them; The only thing that's a little short is probably the color of the HDR photo is slightly too saturated. As for the manual mode on the Xplay 3S, in the xshot can be said to be very useful, because the mobile phone itself has the relationship of optical stabilization, we are very inclined to at night or low light shooting, the ISO limit to 100 or 200 lower values, and then use optical image stabilization to take photos of less noise; of course, We can also use the built-in night view mode, because so the mobile phone will be shot more than one photo for many frames to remove noise, the effect is also obvious.


Like the previous Xplay 3S, Xshot is also using its own Funtouch OS, which is based on the Android 4.3 customization system, using a program-free list design, but thanks to its hidden icon function, so that the main screen collation easier; as before, Xshot Also built a large number of third-party software, you can use the custom to delete or retain, because in fact there are some users think these apps have their role is it.

setting, although Xshot uses a relatively small 5.2-inch screen, however, the system retains the option of one-hand operation, and as part of the system, a variety of sensor-related functions have been retained, but the Xplay 3S on the use of the machine back fingerprint sensor keys to do the dangling gesture unlock function, To use the machine side of the volume key (or that sentence, will use such a large action to unlock the mobile phone friends probably not much is it? )。 As for the consistently excellent sound effects, the machine also built a dedicated triple-audio chipset, bringing the music experience and Xplay 3S very close, which also makes it in the multimedia overall evaluation and xplay 3S compared.

Performance Power

As the flagship of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB RAM, the xshot is obviously better than the first to push 2.5K screens without xplay 3S, except for the slow animation effects of the system design. , other uses different apps and so on situation did not discover obvious cotton. From this and the previous G3 to play, we can draw a rough conclusion, that is, to smoothly promote the 2.5K screen, system adjustment and the current highest specification is indispensable.

As for battery, Xshot uses 3,200mah batteries, and if it's not a lot of shooting, it's no problem to use 10-12 hours, but because of the quality of the shots, we'll try a lot of different shooting modes during the test, so in fact, With full instant messaging, Google sync on, daily Facebook, news and internet browsing for about 15 minutes, using Bluetooth to listen to Kkbox for two hours and 5–10 minutes, the real battery is about 9-10 hours.


Compared to the Xplay 3S, we feel better about xshot, and this also makes us a little surprised, we have a certain degree of familiarity with the Funtouch OS, in the understanding of its pros and cons will be more focused on its and before the different camera parts. This group of cameras and the back of the machine, although prominent, but with the pay on the back of the protective board (which we are most satisfied with the Vivo place) has been much more pleasing to the eye. As for the performance aspect of the camera, although it is set less in general mode, it is used to capture the words, compared with the intelligent automatic mode only 8 million pixel Xperia Z2, and the fuselage relatively bulky Nokia Lumia 1020 is not inferior. By the Xplay 3S and xshot two flagship mobile phones, we can see that the factory is very enterprising, it is a pity that so far Vivo mobile phones have not been launched outside the mainland, so do not want to use the simplified or English interface friends can only home sigh.

Vivo xshot Evaluation Video (Cantonese) Vivo xshot Evaluation Video (Mandarin)
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