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Abstract: Author: @MissXQ American Express has been doing very well in content marketing. The following are some of the rules that the company's vice president of marketing shares when it comes to content marketing. From Pia Beesley, vice President of American Express Marketing

Author: @MissXQ

American Express has been doing very well in content marketing. The following are some of the rules that the company's vice president of marketing shares when it comes to content marketing. This article is from the PIA Beesley, American Express marketing vice president of the writing of content marketing articles.

If you've been to a tourist resort, such as the Colosseum, the Piccadilly Circus in London, Machu Picchu in Peru, and so on, you must remember that in these sights you see tourists like you, with maps, travel books and big SLR cameras. Come to such a place, the tourists think probably all the same, perhaps this is the only time in my life to visit the world attractions, of course, nothing can miss. Of course, it is true, but it is the most local and freshest that can be played in the direction of travel books.

Millions of tourists flocked to London during the London Olympics last year. Data show that very many visitors are users of American Express credit cards. American Express saw a great opportunity to integrate American Express services and ideas to promote more users.

Our idea is not new, it can be said to be a very old way, we have to do travel manuals, but our travel manuals in the concept and other manuals are very different, we not only to point out the direction of tourists, we help tourists "open the door closed." This new form of content marketing brings together travel reports, ground receptions and help tourists build links with local "play talent" and so on, our manuals not only provide services, we also help tourists create "unique" travel experience.

Here are 6 rules we follow when we do content marketing.

Do not limit your brand and user needs to the promotion of the brand's content marketing into the social context, but to find relevance.
CONNECT IT to something

During the London Olympics, we not only thought about providing 24 hours of private travel services to American Express users, we brought together all our travel content, and all visitors to London could find travel tips on content aggregation sites, contact hotels and find tickets for stadiums and so on. Our website is marked by the silhouette of the City of London in the night light, and our goal is to get everyone to light your London trip until American Express.

Do content to have a reporter's eye, smell and speed
Be journalistic

American Express and the British National Tourism Administration "Visit Britain" and the London Telegraph newspaper, through data monitoring, found the most interesting content of tourists theme, forecast the tourist most need information. We and telegraph the Content aggregation website "in the Know", the newspaper travel, living and City edition's reporter and the editor will provide and the maintenance content, gives the tourist the advice, answers the tourist question and so on.

"Flow" the way content and consumer content are made

The travel brochure has one of the biggest disadvantages: content is not always updated, when tourists buy books, the content is already old. American Express's content aggregation site is different, it is constantly updated, tourists can also use their own mobile phone or ipad at any time to view.

Take the initiative to find your target consumers
Seek out YOUR audience

After we built our website, we didn't wait for our readers to find us. Anyone who comes to London, if they use American Express, will receive an email from us within three hours, welcome them to London, and introduce us to our content aggregation website and tell them that we are ready to serve tourists.

Provide real service
Provide real SERVICE

In order to do this, our travel experts have traveled all over London and are familiar with London's delicious, fun places, special services, etc. We also provide toll-free numbers, and our experts will answer their questions as long as the tourists need to call. These questions and answers will also be collected and placed on our converged website to facilitate other tourists. Out of the travel information and tourism article content, our site also according to the flow of tourists from time to time to provide different discount coupons.

Make sharing content easier and more necessary
Make IT shareable

We have a lot of information-sharing points in the city center of London, and when tourists sign in, the photos they take are automatically shared on our content aggregation site. Tourists and their families can share photos from the site to Facebook, allowing more people to go to the site.

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