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Every login Ali Mom's friends will be next to the shocking turnover of attraction, thinking about when we can do such a situation, as shown


The Giants in Amoy are constantly expanding their turf, looking at Mushroom street, Beautiful said, back to the net, return nets, and so on the site in Ali mother to find a position of their own, you are still looking forward to their position in where it is, so high ranking, are all kinds of team carefully working results, So in you and I for Amoy, we should take what way to do their own Taobao customers? In fact, their field is always a good way, this article, talk about their own field

One: The King in the field of subdivision

How do you get a place in your niche? Some time ago, a friend and I said, want to do a and snack control of the same site out, I was a look, good boy, another share of the site, and silently in the field of snacks to open up their own a piece of the sky, this is their advantage, This is the way you choose.


See the snack control, and then look at the other Amoy, feel very sad, because not so many people are willing to spend so much time seriously in a field to open up the land, but, still have so some people are willing to in their choice of road constantly, so that their website flourish, if I did not see the wrong words, This is the king in his field.


We saw a link to the Amoy guests, in fact, share purchase, recommended links in many times has entered our life, not dumb, the original we also want to do a piece of their own things, to do a part of their own market, plan well, and then unconsciously without the following, Now see a lot of Taobao customer net is updated to update a little bit to know nothing, if you do not want to adhere to their own things, why did you choose to do a Amoy station, you can do a thing you like, rather than see the wind to say, I went, so for himself is a time-consuming just.

Our lives are full of analytical pleasures, there are many are also very market, but more need us to dig, we go to recommend, for example, above the snack area, or that we derived from, food and clothing to live with, convenient, fun, home, novelty, etc. are common in life, Then these will have their own space to play, to do their own area of the king, not to say today to try a change, but to see their own one, choose to go on, adhere to, so that more likely to make their own taste and achievement.

Two: Do one line, love a line, a recommendation of a achievement

Some time ago saw an article "talk about how to find a good quality website for Amoy", in the inside will also describe the author how to choose to do Taobao guest method, personal is very useful, above, introduced a very good way, that is watercress tribe, the following figure


If a row, a dedicated line, whether to pay attention to such a small fresh world? In fact, in watercress, there are many people in the stuffy in their own way to find their own opportunities to contact more people to promote products, if thought of, so useful? And in the watercress, the huge social crowd is also a good market, As pictured, some groups


Who detonated the post of this group, did not think that the hot program in this group is not inferior to some of the posts of the Forum, whether it is not brush, these crowd refresh has let more people see the opportunity, you are already in such a number of sharing opportunities to find their own opportunities?

Three: A kind of insistence, is not a certain

Adhere to two words, "say just", you have seen their own insistence, in our field of Baidu, there are so many sites are holding on, you are still doing yourself, try to think about, those sites, such as figure


In itself, these two sites are the sites I've been watching, because it has been a long time, I believe we all know, these two are Taobao type of site, can do this has been very powerful, the article is also recommended type of article, but their updates no matter how Baidu treatment, consistent, This update on your site may be due to a certain time Baidu adjustment can not adhere to, a website, like this site, it should anyway, rain or shine, go their own way, a piece of the sky, there will always be the traces of wind and rain, a kind of insistence, is not a affirmation.

Try to think about it, from the beginning of the site to the present, you have insisted on several sites, every site may face adjustment, but, but very few people can use the sincerity to treat a website, this is the reason that the website cannot answer is it, Amoy type, recommend class, may be very bad to do, but stick to after a period of time, Slowly to achieve their own habits, the days to come search engines will also recognize your efforts.

OK, small three point to everyone, I hope that there are some of their views in the inside, the site you insist ah, ah fu essence Oil, http://www.afuvip.cc/, a small Amoy station, we need to work together, rise, and strive.

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