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When the money used in the bank card can not be taken out of the ATM, the heart is really feeling endless sadness. It's been four years since I graduated, and after working for a few years, I found myself without the passion and enthusiasm, and nothing left. Busy every day to catch the bus, often in a hurry to buy two loaves of bread or a cup of soy milk. and have to trot to wait for the elevator. Maybe you'll be late for the bad luck. Every month down only waiting for wages pay rent, and then good about one or two good friends to console the next one months of hard work. Days like that unconsciously passing, graduation is only 22 years old now many colleagues call themselves brother.

Originally is the electronic commerce profession, the graduation time does not have the work experience to find a job also really is not easy, later on with own Qinxuekulian when a not outstanding web programmer. During that time, I transferred myself from ASP programmers to. NET programmers. Also from the original not how to drink wine to the later small restaurant regulars. The programmer is clear that the life of the best programmers are more monotonous, every day in addition to the computer basically or computer. Whether it is learning or watching beautiful women also without computer. Baidu and Google have no unknown things. One of the most troubling things is that technology is always being updated. I don't know if I'll be out of the next day. SQL Server \xml \ XSLT \ HTML \ CSS \ ajax \ javascript \ jquery \ asp \. NET \ IIS These nouns are known as a web programmer. Of course, there are php/jsp/java/mysql/apach these are not to take the Microsoft route, and even more people like.

Work is like that. Sometimes you feel very irritable, so it is obviously impossible to master many techniques. With the increase in age really feel a little adapt to the feeling, the task is a little straighter, very tired, but every month but only when the wages of the Moonlight clan. Perhaps a lot of people will want to be a programmer for 3-4 years or get a 3k salary is too bad! But I would like to say that if it is too little, the company also idle to many? is the ability proportional to the salary? Can a winged steed meet Bole? Is it worthwhile to compete in the company for a little more money every month? Will there be the same treatment if you leave a company? Can you live a better life without this industry? When you ask yourself these questions, obviously is very confused. I don't even know how to walk that way, and how far I can keep going.

So after a long period of time, finally made a decision three months ago, resolutely towards another road---e-commerce. Three months of fighting day and night, let me deeply realize that this is a very uneven road. Partners are also reduced from the original three to two, the reason is not here in detail. In the early days, only if the investment did not return before the card would have left a little money slowly also exhausted. This has to put me in deep thought, how to persist? The road has not reached the rush to purchase not only can not immediately profit even very yahuo risk. Now the money is a very serious problem, steel has to be used in the blade. To adhere to the first from their own most confident and the most advantage of the point of the start, so decided to do a template stand hope that can contact single do to maintain life. A lot of things are not imagined and plan to come simple, in the helpless to have to do everything in person. Web site planning \ Select System \ template design template output \seo optimization, these things do not say can not bring income, but it is a waste of our bad time and energy, and even some of the stones on the side to do while groping. Before after all is only a programmer to understand the point of the knowledge of the template, do a webmaster is not easy to do? Kung Fu is now finally two stations began to use the official, Foshan fashion network and art still template center.

In fact, these two stations are already deviated from my previous goal, but for the sake of the husband is very helpless only the first. This three-month plan is constantly changing, just started to want to do jeans later to the children's clothing and then went to the wholesale market back to find now are not very appropriate! Many can not take for granted, each step feels very hard to walk, in the company's work has never had such pressure. Think of a month at least do not have to worry about eating problems, more than a few less flowers. And now it's bad or wrong to make a decision that would be a problem to eat, and have to step carefully always care. Even many times it is always a matter of days without knowing if there is a return. The number of white laborious, people will be more and more tired of confidence will slowly weaken. To go back to the original job will certainly do more outstanding, but I do not want to go back to that life, is again tired or willing to endure.

Now look back to think of their own path is actually in circles, learning E-commerce But when the programmer tired of the days of programmers but back to E-commerce. Although I did not make great achievements in this area, I said to myself that I have no regrets. Without the development of the Web program over the years I think there is no real deep understanding of e-commerce. Software development is always in the emphasis on demand analysis, I have not been a webmaster did not go to use this aspect of the system when there must be no deep-seated experience. Demand analysis is actually let us understand this software is for who use, not good, use well? Select the system and we buy clothes is the same, the key is not suitable for their own is the best. Mentioned a lot of e-commerce in fact, "e-commerce" The term explanation I have forgotten almost, understand long live can understand on the line. Business activities on the web I have three stages in my plan:

1 survey analysis to determine their own direction, the first half of the sentence is quite general I also do not like. Popular point is to determine what they are ready to do, wholesale sales or retail, and according to the actual situation to establish their own website and determine the template style. Do not establish their own web site can also consider to Taobao Pat Open shop, that is low-cost but fierce competition Oh!

2 network promotion, must have the business to make the person oneself existence certainly, do not let how sell oneself? This according to the actual situation and strength to do, such as media advertising \ Famous website to buy a advertising \seo optimization promotion. In the absence of funds, I think it is more appropriate to rely on Baidu and Google as a way to survive. In short, money and no money are not the same way.

3 site operations and focus on the business and a large number of sales, which is quite a difficult thing. When it comes to this time, it's the beginning of success. I am still far from reaching this stage and can only take this phase as a good prospect and goal.

The above three stages is my understanding of e-commerce, of course, there is no good book definition. I also never like to put some definitions and things vague, can be materialized and instantiated as far as practicable.

When I went to the wholesale market, I thought a lot and found that my thoughts might change again. According to the rules of the game and their own strength, then have to adjust the plan. Hey! After three months of doing a lot of things, nothing seems to be done. Perhaps that is the so-called market research and demand analysis process! The beginning of everything is difficult, since it is the beginning of the stage should be more difficult, can be said to be quite difficult. Very helpless, had to often said to himself, "eat bitter side for people" to comfort themselves.

The road is long and far away. Before many things themselves are very indifferent, and never want to argue with people what? Not to be cynical about how unfair they are to themselves these days. I really think it is boring to leave it silently! To find the piece of heaven and earth. No matter how difficult the way to go after a smile, let all the bitterness dissipated in the wind and laughter!

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