Wang: Real entrepreneurs don't get stuck with money

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Wang, founder of CDH Venture capital fund (data map)

"The Chinese Entrepreneur Net" (Editor's note) once became popular on the network "the Elopement Emperor" Wang (Micro bo) is the Chinese venture capital pioneer, is also the Chinese Internet industry pioneer. Weibo has introduced himself as "a businessman plus half a scholar." He invested in the cultivation of such as Qihoo 360, Han Court, Minsheng Bank, education, science and technology, South Beauty, such as a group of well-known enterprises. In Wang, the wrong direction is the most fatal error of the entrepreneur, earning money is not the real mission of entrepreneurship, real entrepreneurs will not be trapped in the money, and publicity and build is the necessary character of entrepreneurship.

The following is part of the Wang Classic quotations:

1. The speech is over. Said Five Points: (1) The wrong direction is the most fatal error of the entrepreneur. (2) Publicity and build the necessary character of entrepreneurship. (3) Real entrepreneurs don't get stuck with money. (4) Earning money is not the real mission of entrepreneurship. (5) Starting is the beginning of your business.

2, if you think some people get rich too unfair, you should not regard them as models to worship, if you feel that the relationship between people is too cold, you first give people a smile, if you are very respectful and want to express solidarity with Mr. Chen, you can wear sunglasses; If you want the citizens to act unanimously, You can initiate and practice to make friends who are interested in the future of the country on the evening of the last day of the month.

3. If you want freedom of speech, then you are bold enough to start free speech, and if you hate power corruption, then you will never conspire with corrupt powers; if you think the official media is a liar, you are no longer reader; If you feel that a certain historical truth has been concealed and distorted, So, about 32 of your buddies are determined to use their spare time to find out the facts of the history and try to tell your friends and family.

4. Building civic action in civil society, it is social rather than political, it is about rights, not power, it is non-violent rather than violent, it is good at compromise, not good at confrontation, it is a citizen, not a patriot, not a power or a blessing; is to grow up by ignoring the existence of despotism, sunny rather than indignant, and lifestyle rather than ideological.

5, if really people-oriented, it should be the treasure of human life, the protection of human dignity, respect for human nature, adherence to humanity, respect for and defence of the fundamental rights of human beings, and put them in the supremacy position as a fundamental prerequisite for measuring the eligibility of an official. In this way, those who are cruel, disregard human rights, and lose humanity, must step down and be punished.

6, a student said to me, he decided to return to entrepreneurial enterprises, and strive to enlarge the enterprise, the future of the enterprise's money to support China's democratic cause. I smiled and said to him: first, the democratic cause should not rely on the financial support of the Consortium; Secondly, enterprises have the mission of enterprise, should not be used to support the enterprise's money for democracy; third, the famous Chinese and foreign Democrats rarely go to work to earn money; four, when you make the cash, you just want to say that you were

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