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Absrtact: With the issuance of 4G licences, especially the announcement of 100 million 4G mobile phone sales plans by China Mobile, domestic handset manufacturers see 2014 as an important market opportunity. TCL Communications China President Wang in the interview with the author said, Tcl mobile phone before the main layout overseas

With the issuance of 4G licences, especially the announcement of the "100 million 4G mobile phone" sales plan by China Mobile, domestic handset makers saw 2014 as an important market opportunity.

TCL Communications China President Wang in the interview with the author, Tcl mobile phone before the main layout of overseas markets, from 2013 only really began to start in China Mobile TD market. TCL currently in the overseas market 200 U.S. dollars (about 1200 yuan) above shipments are all 4G mobile phones, so China's 4G market is an important "corner overtaking" opportunity. Tcl will fully layout the domestic 4G market, including star terminals and thousand 4G mobile phones.

The following is the author's dialogue with Wang:

1, China Mobile has just announced 100 million 4G mobile phone "sales plan, beyond the previous industry expectations, Tcl ready?"

Wang: Tcl mobile phone 2012 began to return to the Chinese market, but it should be said this year really began to do TD mobile phones, the current scale is not very large, but each quarter of the composite growth rate of about 100%, that TD is a large market. In the 4G mobile phone, TCL actually overseas market more than 200 U.S. dollars of mobile phones are all LTE mobile phones, from technology, supply chain, capacity aspects are not a problem. Therefore, the domestic 4G market for TCL is an important "corner overtaking" opportunity. TCL domestic smartphone next year is expected to be more than 60% will be 4G terminals.

2, China Mobile said it will focus on subsidizing thousands of 4G mobile phones, Tcl next year what is the plan?

Wang: China and the rest of the world 4G market, from the outset into the thousand-yuan market, indicating that the initial competition and the 3G period is not very different. But as the competition intensifies, the market will eventually be left with 20 or so mobile phone brands, so we are fighting 4G opportunities, is expected in the second half of 2014 will certainly appear 799 yuan 4G mobile phones, or even 599 yuan also possible. TCL Communications program next year in the domestic sales of 5 million TD mobile phones, thousands of the following models accounted for 60%.

3. What is the difference between 4G mobile phone and 3G?

Wang: The main experience is speed, and will drive the mobile application industry changes. For example, because of the low switch rate of 4G network, speech recognition will be greatly improved, such applications will have new development opportunities. TCL future full range of mobile phone products will be with the Hkust flying cooperation, pre-installed speech recognition technology. From the terminal point of view, as the RF antenna complexity increased, the battery capacity increased, 4G terminal is generally thick at the beginning, Tcl currently the thinnest 4G mobile phones can do 7.3 mm.

4. How to layout in high-end 4G mobile phone?

Wang: Tcl high-end mobile phones are mainly divided into idol and hero two series, the former feature is fashionable ultra-thin, the latter for large screen HD. Market Rhythm Idol Series 4-5 a year, Hero series for one, will be a full range of support 4G network.

5, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, Gionee have launched mobile phone brand, how do you think? is TCL related to planning?

Wang: First of all, I think the mobile phone industry as a child brand is likely to be successful, the more accurate brand positioning, the easier access to consumer awareness. Large consumer goods enterprises have a lot of brands, such as enterprises, cosmetics and so on, the key is to see their ability to operate the disk. Second, TCL bidding enterprises are Samsung such a full range of brands, so the unified brand must be guaranteed not to be diluted, the entire line of products are to flagship a brand.

6, many domestic enterprises, such as Lenovo, also shout out to PK Samsung, where is TCL?

Wang: I think Chinese enterprises to compete with Samsung, there are two modes to go: one is to use the non-Samsung model to challenge Samsung, such as completely use the Internet to subvert, but will certainly undergo very big challenges and setbacks; another is "Samsung's way to play Samsung", that is, the establishment of a complete industrial chain, a full range of products, a unified brand , fighting all-out war, which was the way Samsung hit Sony. TCL currently has its own screen production lines, product manufacturing plants, are planning their own chip products. TCL expects Chinese companies to have a full-scale business war with Samsung in the next 10 years.

7, there are several allegedly 2013 domestic electric power channel mobile phone sales of more than 50 million units, TCL mobile phone power provider How to do?

Wang: I personally think that this number is conservative, will certainly be greater than this number. Electric business channels must be a major trend, of course, many of the electric business site is still in the price stage, but not the channel price will be slowly increase, the line under the channel will decline, and eventually formed a line under the same quality and price, this is a O2O model. Tcl's first idol x mobile Phone sales volume of more than 200,000 units, is expected next year will be a lot of flagship 4G mobile phone selection in the electricity business channel to start.

8, for China Mobile announced the 4G strategy, in addition to shipments, you are most interested in what?

Wang: I personally pay more attention to China Mobile launched the 4G package "one card" strategy, because it can achieve 5 terminals to share a flow package, pad, wear equipment high-speed data networking will be a relatively large acceleration. TCL will launch a smart phone idol x+ with MediaTek's eight-core chip this month, as well as a matching wearable device, the smart hand ring.

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