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The internet industry is wide, so I don't know what you want to do.

Internet media. It can be edited, edited, edited and so on. Sina, NetEase, Tencent all recruit can write, for an industry has a deep understanding, can just get started pay general.

Product class

This is too much, you need to have a deep understanding of user needs, not all day to say "I think Blablabla", but can stand in the user's perspective to think things, all day pondering these things. For a simple chestnut, why does Procter and Gamble have so many commodity brands? How much is the cost? Why do you use that spokesperson? Also need to know some technology, not to write code, but at least know what C language is, what Swift is. Personally feel that the most important is the logical force, the idea of one by one in the form of demand documents, to facilitate the technical UI to see, finished the product when the user is easy to use.

Operation class

This is also a lot of community operations, user operations, channel operations and so on a lot. Because I used to do the operation, talk about this can speak a day, so I would like to outline. The individual thinks the operation is mainly divided into 5 pieces, one is the product, the operator's own understanding of the product and will show the product to the user can understand the same product as you do. The second is the user, where do users get it? How to retain users? How to increase user stickiness? Third, channels, promotion channels, sales channels, supply channels Blablabla is also a bunch. Four is the data, the basic data statistics and the data analysis, as well as to each department carries on the effective data support. Five is the revenue, if there is a demand for products that need to operate to do income, simple such as Cpa,cpc,cps and so on.

Design class

If you usually have the habit of PS, you can barely get started. But the most important thing is not how many pictures you can p, but whether you make a picture with no unknown feeling, you can go to see the Apple Conference invitation letter, if it is you, you can make this type of diagram. If you think he's ugly, you're not fit for the job. Because the global handset industry is in line with Apple, Apple is the trend. I have seen many designers talk about trends, but the trend of this thing is the game of the big guys, the small men are only yy, recognize their very important.

Administrative class

Finance, personnel, administration, procurement, in addition to the financial and personnel needs of professional knowledge of the brain to fill the rest of the few need expertise. But to be honest, there's a subtext to these positions. Look at the face!!!

Technology written too selfless, incredibly forget to write a technology such an important position. Technology Well, Daniel is the place of interest, if the general code farmers are schools learned. More popular Android, Apple, PHP, H5, Java ~ ~ a lot.

Now can think of is above, want to change a career to choose a Post ~ ~ can refer to the above, ha ~

Author: Fang Yongjie

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