Warcraft Yi Main aftershock: Nine city layoffs to do subtraction

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Reporter Liu Fangyuan "World of Warcraft" shut down the server two weeks later, the Nineth City (nasdaq:ncty) began large-scale contraction. On the afternoon of June 22, Lin Yumin, director of the Beijing branch of the Kowloon City, confirmed to the media that nine cities had made a "strategic adjustment" to Beijing branch, which would have transferred the project from Beijing to Shanghai.  Former Beijing branch employees are being processed to leave. Layoffs are also taking place at Shanghai's nine-city headquarters. June 22, a large number of unemployed at home in the original Warcraft customer service staff received a notice, back to the company to resign or transfer matters.  Nine City side said, this time will restrain about 300 employees, among them mainly for Warcraft customer service staff. "The impact of the loss of Warcraft in nine cities has begun to appear. "I think it is inevitable that nine cities will adjust at this time," said Analysys, an international CEO of Analysys. "After losing the Income pillar Warcraft, nine cities will face huge revenue pressures in the short term."  Analysys that the company in the face of difficulties after layoffs is a very common means, but the key to see nine city after the road, can change the original pure agent mode. Abandon the Beijing operation "recently this time has been busy" king World "of the public test, did not expect to be dissolved so soon. An employee of the nine city Beijing company told reporters.  "King of the World" is a nine-city agent of a South Korean online games, before the nine-city Beijing branch of the independent operation. May 21, in order to announce the new game, nine city specially in Beijing Central Television Tower held a grand conference. At that time, nine city president Xiaowei and Beijing company head Lin Yumin together attended the conference, and expressed the confidence of the game.  One months later, nine city suddenly decided to move the "King World" project back to Shanghai operations, to dismiss the Beijing operations team. Lin Yumin in the media before the choice of silence. June 23, the reporter dialed Lin fu people telephone, he simply said, "recently too much, everything to company news."  A day ago, he told the media that he would take a break after coordinating the transition. A branch of more than 80 people, why this fate? "It's about losing World of Warcraft, but it's not all about Warcraft," he said. A person familiar with the matter told reporters. Reporter learned that the nine city Beijing branch was established in April 2007, all known as the "nine Beijing Times Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.", Nine City, a wholly owned subsidiary.  Initially, it was planned to run the sports game "FIFA Online 2", an American game giant EA. "Beijing has regional advantages, the sports administration here, with the Olympic Games and other factors, the nine city so the operation of the FIFA to Beijing branch." The person said. Due to problems with EA, nine cities in 2008 to the "FIFA Online 2" Operation back to Shanghai headquarters.  At the same time, "King of the World" to the Beijing company. Beijing Company's performance did not make nine City chairman and CEO Zhu satisfied. The World of Kings, originally scheduled for June 3Suddenly postponed, the senior suspicion Beijing company's operation ability.  June 9, Vice President Park Sunyu led the Shanghai team stationed in Beijing branch, began to "coordinate work." Finally, "King World" was also recovered nine city headquarters operations, Beijing Operations team was directly dismissed.  Reporter learned that the game will be led by Park Sunyu "Audition 2" team to take over, some of the original Team of Warcraft staff may join. "After the loss of Warcraft, nine cities for each new product has great expectations," The King of the World "is in this focus and high pressure to burst out a variety of problems.  "The nine city people who do not want to be named believe that the loss of Warcraft is one of the triggers of this adjustment, in which case the game will be transferred to an experienced team, and redundant personnel become" logical ".  The fallout from the layoffs comes as the company's nine-city headquarters in Shanghai is also brewing a bigger layoff plan. In June 7 after the Expiration of Warcraft agent, nine city to all the team of Warcraft staff issued a unemployed notice. Notice that, because of the company's business structure adjustment needs, staff to work with rest for 1 months, from June 7 to July 7.  During the rest period, the monthly salary will be paid normally. June 22, a Warcraft customer service personnel said nine city has begun to call the original Team of Warcraft staff interview, to resign.  Employees who are subject to separation will receive more compensation, and employees who do not obey the company's resignation will begin to be laid off on June 30.  Nine city officials also confirmed that they will persuade 300 of the original World of Warcraft employees, including customer service staff. Early in April this year, the news of the Master of Warcraft, the industry will be out of NetEase dug nine City team of Warcraft News.  In NetEase's view, after the loss of Warcraft, a large number of Warcraft team staff and servers and other resources will become a burden of nine cities. At that time, the Kowloon City President Xiaowei in a letter to the staff of the internal Mail, said that employees are nine city's most valuable wealth, nine cities will not because of a game renewal or not to lay off staff.  After the formal surrender of Warcraft two weeks, the nine cities eventually chose to lay off staff. At this point, the nine city lost the sequelae of Warcraft began to gradually highlight. The first problem the nine cities need to deal with is the post problems of thousands of Warcraft teams.  Digesting excess personnel becomes one of the means to reduce costs under the pressure of the nine city's revenue slump. Nine city officials said that the original Team of Warcraft to adjust the way, including the transfer and to persuade two kinds.  First of all, in a total of about 800 employees in the original Warcraft operations team, select members with the advantage of operational experience and transfer to other game operations teams. Second, for some of the employees who cannot be scheduled to continue working with other operations teams, some 300 of the customer service staff of World of Warcraft, the company will communicate with them individually to persuade them.  and will lift their non-compete agreements. Analysys points out that after the loss of Warcraft, left to the aftermath of the nine city is not only the problem of personnel, but can use this adjustment to change the original operating mode of nine city, "in all online gaming company's operating model, the nine city's pure agent mode is the most optimistic." "In YangThink "from the recent nine city and Jinshan, net Dragon and other companies contact with the news, nine city is moving closer to the platform." "At present nine city's focus is to enhance the operation ability, at the same time in the product promotion and so on aspect increase strength."
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