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Some time ago, a customer has registered a new domain name, need to do a turn to jump. I told him better to do a 301, and he went to ask the original site for their technology ' master ', and then be told, do not know this thing. It seems necessary for us to introduce this knowledge point, lest more technical experts are yellow.

First, give a tool to detect server header information, simply to see if your site 301 is successful. Do not underestimate this 301, if you are made into 302 or something, your station may be to let you happy to let you worry.

Detection address: Http://www.seoconsultants.com/tools/headers.asp#results

In our site optimization process, we often encounter the need for Web page redirection: Like site adjustments, such as changing the directory structure of the Web page, the page was moved to a new address, or the extension of the page name, If the application needs to put. PHP is changed to. html or. shtml, in which case, if not redirected, the user's favorites or the old address in the search engine database will only give access to a 404-page error message, and the access traffic is lost; and some sites that are registered with multiple domain names, You also need to redirect users who access these domain names to the main site automatically, and so on.

Here is a specific way to jump, if you are not very good at technology. It doesn't matter, save it, when it is useful, give you the technology to see.

The redirect:301 represents permanent transfer (permanently moved), 301 redirects are the best way to search engine friendliness after a Web page change, and it is recommended that 301来 be used as a referral if it is not temporarily removed.

302 redirect:302 on behalf of temporary transfer (temporarily moved), in the previous years, many black Hat seo has been widely used in this technology cheating, at present, major search engines have intensified the crackdown, Like Google's previous years of business.com and recent penalties for BMW's German website. Even if the site is not objectively spam, it is easy to be mistaken for the search engine spam and be punished.

Meta Fresh: This was more prevalent 2000 years ago, but it is now rare. It is specifically through the meta instructions in the Web page, after a specific time to redirect to the new page, if the delay time is too short (about 5 seconds), will be judged as spam.

redirect realizes web redirection

IIS Server implements 301 redirect

* Open Internet Information Services Manager, right-click on the page or directory you want to redirect

* Select Redirect to URL

* Enter the URL address of the destination page to jump to in the redirect to input box

* Select Permanent redirect for resources (remember)

* Finally click "Apply"

Apache Server implements 301 redirect

In contrast, Apache is much simpler to implement than IIS. In Apache, there is a very important file. htaccess, with its settings, can achieve a lot of powerful features, 301 redirect is just one of them.

A more complex match can be achieved by reasonably configuring regular expressions in the redirection parameters. Interested friends can refer to this site Apache manual.

PHP 301 Redirect

Header ("http/1.1 moved Permanently");

Header ("Location:");

301 redirects under ASP

ASP. NET 301 Redirect

301 redirects under ColdFusion

<.cfheader statuscode= "statustext=" Moved Permanently >

<.cfheader name= "Location" value= "http://www.new-url.com" >

Old domain name redirected to new domain

Create a. htaccess file and write the code provided below to the file to ensure that all directories or pages of the old domain name are correctly jumped to the new domain.

Remember that. htaccess files must be placed in the root directory of the old site, and the new site will keep the same directory structure and Web files as the old site

Options +followsymlinks

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