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Whether in the evening of peace or in the stillness of the night, when we hold a cup of fragrant coffee, leisurely swim in the network, is for a wonderful net Wen heartfelt smile at the same time, we think that in this colorful network of the world behind the Web server may be for us every time the keyboard, Busy with every click of the mouse? Whether in the morning of the tense work or in the busy afternoon, when we hand overlapping data, fast shuttle in the network, is looking for a useful information but because of slow speed and feel distressed, we think in this criss-cross network World Web server is due to insufficient cache, memory shortage and delayed response? Really hi also Web server, annoyed also Web server. For the Wonderful Life of our network, choosing a Web server is very important. So how does the Web server choose? And look at the decomposition below.

Selection of Web server

The Web server is a functional server that separates from the common server to optimize its performance for Web applications. When choosing a Web server, you need to consider not only the current requirements, but also the features and changes that may be required in the future, because replacing a Web server is usually much more difficult than installing standard software, which can lead to a series of problems, such as whether the page script needs to be changed, whether the application server needs Many Web servers support only some operating systems, so when choosing a Web server, you also need to be connected to the operating system to consider. And the General brand Web server has its own set of Web server system software, it is necessary to consider the software supported by the standards, applications (including database applications) and security protocols. Generally consider the following aspects:


Web page access involves the file system cache on the server memory subsystem, so we are in the development of the server's selection scheme is to consider the size of the CPU cache, memory performance.

Number of concurrent users supported

The number of concurrent user support for a Web server refers to the number of user connections that the Web server can allow at the same time, that is, per second. The number of users supported is mainly determined by the hardware configuration of the system, the bandwidth of network export and the application complexity.


In fact, this parameter is related to the number of concurrent users described above, the faster the response rate, the more traffic can be supported within a unit of time, the faster the user clicks on the response.

Web server software system support for standards and applications

This is important to choose a different server system based on different Web sites and different database systems. For example, the current asp.net Dynamic Web page will choose more than IIS5.0 server. Of course this should pay attention to a lot of details of things, only according to their own application to make the right choice.


Because Web servers are usually placed outside the firewall or in the DMZ, the security of the Web server is particularly important. It is mainly to consider two aspects: first, the protection of Web server confidential information, and the second is to prevent hackers attack. These two security features require, in addition to some security policy and tool software, that the application system installed on the server itself is the least and simplest. Only in this way can hackers be able to do nothing.

The degree of ease of management

Web server Management contains two meanings: one is to manage the Web server is simple and easy, and the other is to use the Web interface for network management. The management interface for managing Web servers typically has command lines, Telnet, HTML, and windows-based applications. A manageable Web server should have a graphical user interface and a sophisticated wizard system or help document, and a complex management interface can cause problems and waste time, and can lead to configuration errors and security vulnerabilities. An experienced web site administrator can configure a secure and effective server to quickly resolve problems that arise. If hosting is hosted, IAP will generally help resolve problems that arise, and can also consult the IAP Administrator.

Technical support

This involves the future service system and technical strength of Web server vendors. After all, the application of such a large system is very complex. If there is a problem, the manufacturer can not get timely and reliable technical support, will likely affect the normal use of E-commerce company.

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