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The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host technology Hall

"A number of market research institutions recently released data, the report shows that the online advertising market, the largest growth of the Web site from the vertical category, 2008 is expected to reach 3.2 billion yuan." Still, at least 30% of the market value of these vertical sites has not been played out. Zhou, vice president of Ccmedia Group marketing and strategic Development, said in an interview, "and the mystery lies in the fact that these websites have not yet noticed the existence of ' cross-content ' this ' cash cow '." ”

"At the moment, we are already the top three in this vertical area and the advertising share is fairly stable," he said. "But, a lot of good quality advertisers, due to the content of our site with a certain dislocation, so helplessly watching those ads slip away from the side." ”

"In fact, we are in some way caught in a kind of inertia of thinking traps, need to open the ' trans-content management ' thinking," Zhou said. "In Zhou's view, ' cross-content management ' actually refers to the website owner in the network advertising sales, to attract advertisers in addition to the site content positioning highly matching brand display ads, there is a match with the site visitor behavior of the targeted ads." The latter is the recent network advertising developed European and American countries in the heyday of BT (behaviortargeting) Behavior oriented network advertising. Keso Bo, a well-known blogger, also said that over the long term, internet advertising will increasingly rely on the user's "intent", not the so-called content dependencies.

According to the view from Ccmedia, the best proportion mode of online advertising procurement should be the population data matching mode occupies 10%, the internal text matching mode of common delivery occupies 30%, the text matching mode channel sponsorship occupies 30%, and the BT behavior directional matching mode occupies 30%.

For fast-moving consumer goods, brand display advertising can basically guide those impulsive consumers. However, for automobiles, real estate, insurance, funds and other products that need to be rationally treated, consumers will be more cautious decision-making. "There is no doubt that for this type of consumer, the best way is through the Internet, through the direction of BT behavior, with different forms of advertising to meet the pre-set characteristics of access to the visitors to carry out advertising information, uninterrupted, user-friendly contact with the potential consumer information, and finally to facilitate the final transaction success. Zhou said, "rational consumers are generally not easy for brand display advertising, they tend to be more concerned about the inherent quality of the product characteristics." ”

"In the near future, the professional website of the Auto class actually pops up IBM's server ads." and flowers on the Web site to show the notebook computer ads ..., when you see these incredible changes, please do not be too surprised. Zhou said, "once because of the content dislocation and slip the website owner if the use of BT behavior oriented network advertising platform services, all this will become a reality." The

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