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With the rapid development of network technology, the network for everyone is no longer unfamiliar. Blink of an eye My network age also has 7, 8 years of time, calculate the time is not long also not short.

A chance to see the friends around to do the website, very interested. After a friend's explanation to know the site is so made. Very good, very strong. Instinctively, I learned from my friends about the Web site, but it was a very difficult thing for me to do. Fortunately, curiosity stimulated my desire to learn Web site production. From the simplest web-making software began to learn slowly, the source code, typesetting, upload, rental space, such as a series of production processes have a certain understanding. Kungfu not negative, their first website finally published in the public, a small computer hardware site, every day as much as possible to update the article, watching the article clicks gradually increased, in the mind not to mention much excitement. But at that time did not know the website still can make money, more do not know flow, queue name. Just out of curiosity and learning. After a period of high enthusiasm, zhe gradually feel their curiosity has been satisfied, no power to do, just friends to go to the field, simply shut down the site.

Although the site management has been abandoned, but I have been learning about the production of the website has been continued. Also slowly understand that the website can make money. In particular, I personally prefer Web site navigation type of website, feel the production of convenient, refreshing interface. Internet users in demand, Web site navigation station is facing the Chinese primary netizens, their knowledge of computers and the Internet is very little, there are many even do not know how to enter the Web site or use search engines to search the Internet. and web site navigation stations happen to help them understand the network a shortcut. The website navigation station maintains conveniently, does not need the high technology and the Fund. I am more surprised that there are many large Web site navigation station (such as HAO123) has been acquired, along with the various types of Web site navigation stations are endless, as long as the intention is certainly a promising future. I can make a little money myself. So I decided to make a website navigation station.

After a period of study, preparation, my navigation station is also in an orderly manner. First of all, of course, to choose a good memory, look pleasing to the domain name. A good domain name can be achieved with less effort. The current digital domain name is very popular, very popular with the popular netizens, and most of the navigation station is also using digital domain name. A good digital domain name also has a certain market value, so I chose 11,265 o ' net/to do my site domain name, this domain name in addition to remember that there is a characteristic is and 265 navigation a bit similar, so that netizens are easy to remember. Only good memory of the domain name can be in many Web site navigation station occupies a place.

Different from other navigation stations. It has a clear interface, neat layout and fast browsing. One of the name station navigation, news, stock finance, commonly used software, popular games, health, Taobao shopping and other labels to make people at a glance, so that netizens can easily find the required web site, is to allow netizens to roam the network.

After the site is finished, the next question is the key words, publicity, promotion. Now the Web site navigation stations everywhere, relative to the site to promote the navigation station has a certain degree of difficulty. Unlike the 265 navigation stations that time, after all, in that era of network development is not now rapid, netizens can not be familiar with the current comparison. What's more, Web site navigation stations are mostly copied predecessors. Also increased the URL navigation station SEO and promotion of the difficulty. Online search site to find a lot of ways to promote the method, but those methods are suitable for their own web site navigation station, I probably used a few methods. 1, with the help of QQ software this huge publicity platform, this method to tell the truth a bit of violence. Think of nearly 100 million of users online at the same time. Imagine the effect of what it looks like. First get a new number, a fascinating web name, in the space to upload some photos. Then posted to a number of friends, forums, as long as not only, most of the site is still allowed to issue QQ number. How to operate the specific problems of specific treatment. After good publicity, your website traffic is also growing. QQ Group is also a very effective way, although the method is old-fashioned, but also an enduring method, add some QQ group vigorously publicize. I added dozens of QQ group, after a period of time flow also has a Chiba. QQ This software is really good, a lot of methods can be used to see how everyone to study. 2, write soft wen, soft wen has been a lot of webmaster commonly used to promote one of the methods, a good soft text can give your site to bring unexpected harvest. To Admin5 publishing software, will soon be used by many sites, can imagine the effect of publicity, I do not elaborate on it. Publishing article Admin5 is undoubtedly the best platform. Every once in a while to publish an article, the passage of time your website traffic will also be greatly increased. Write software must insist. I have been insisting on writing software, not necessarily period to publish 3, there are many other ways to add to the site outside the chain, is also an important way. Mass mailing and so on. Although the method is old-fashioned, it can only be so if our funds are not allowed to spend money on advertising.

When it comes to making money, it's just advertising, and it's the way the masses make money. Although I now through the Web site navigation station has a monthly income of 5000, but I am still unremitting efforts to do their own navigation station. Continuous learning, but also want to make their own station as strong as 265 navigation station.

Said so much, the brother literary talent is not good, you guys mouth mercy, don't throw bricks. I think a lot of seniors have said that before, but what I have written is indeed what I have experienced, summed up some of the small experience and small methods, but also hope that the navigation webmaster have helped to make their own navigation station bigger and stronger, can in this network tide in a duck to fish.

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